30.04.2010 2NE1 Me2day Updates!


짜쟌~!^.^ 이 아이의 이름을 공개합니다!!! 엘에이투끼~!에요^^ㅋㅋ채린맘이 아까 이름 지어서 알려줬어요ㅋ 이 투끼는 채린맘의 두번째 베이비구요 나한테 탐탐이 다음으로 선물해준 아이죠! 해외입양아! 싼토끼닮아서 데려왔다고하지만 내가보기엔 채린맘을 더 닮았네ㅋ암튼 …

Tada~!^.^ I’m going to reveal this guy’s name!!! This is~! LA Bunny^^ke ke Chaerin mommy named it earlier so I’m letting you guys know ke This Bunny is Chaerin mommy’s second baby and to me she’s the next child I was given after TamTam! Foreign adoptee! I said I brought her home because she looks like Ssantoki but in my opinion she looks more like Chearin mom ke Anyways …

source: GEE @ ygladies & soompi



~ by vipforever on May 2, 2010.

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