2NE1 featured in a 4minute article written by the Japan Times Online!


an excerpt taken from 4minute’s article, “Only got 4Minutes to take the world” by Robert Michael Poole from the Japan Times Online

The boys came first. Big Bang are the current Korean hotties melting Japanese girls’ hearts, and they follow in the footsteps of Tohoshinki, (known as TVXQ in their homeland), who become the first ever foreign act to achieve eight No. 1 hits in Japan. Yet while boy bands have often found success outside of South Korea, girl groups have always struggled to make it across borders.

Korean management companies, however, are determined to make 2010 a breakthrough year for girl groups. They’ve invested time and money into the likes of 4Minute, The Wonder Girls, 2NE1 and After School.

The investment starts with a selection process by the management companies. From Spice Girls to the Pussycat Dolls, it’s a procedure that seeks the perfect pop combination of talent. 4Minute’s Nam was chuffed to have made it through Cube Entertainment’s vetting.

The third of the big three management companies, YG, presented the more street-style four-piece 2NE1 in May 2009, the same month that 4Minute were announced by Cube (itself a JYP subsidiary). And while the girls reap dreams of glamour and fame, their management is seeing dollar signs in their eyes. By the end of the year, YG had recorded a 92 percent profit increase on 2008 thanks to the fast success of 2NE1, who even exceeded sales of boy-band Big Bang. Both still fell short of leader SM Entertainment though, home of BoA and Tohoshinki, who recorded sales of $55.7 million compared to $32.2 million for YG and $9.2 million for JYP.


While 4Minute will return to play Zepp Tokyo on May 8, their alleged rivals, 2NE1, have been invited as special guests to present at the MTV Japan Video Music Awards on May 29.

“We don’t actually view the other groups as rivals,” says YG Japan’s CEO Gen Sasaki. “We are just happy that 2NE1 even exceeded Big Bang last year by achieving the highest download amount ever in Korea with ‘I Don’t Care.’ “

Sasaki is adamant that 2NE1 not even be labeled K-pop at all. “While K-pop is influenced by British and American pop music, 2NE1 is based directly on hip-hop,” he says. “Bom (lead singer Park Bom Lee, 26) blew us away with her rapping skills and all the girls have their own individuality and charisma.” <>

Sasaki says YG sets trends in Korea by producing actual artists and avoiding eye-candy idols: “We have never been a commercial company. Even with Big Bang, the guys were not chosen on looks but on their diverse talents. We wanted a female version (of them) that would be colorful and funky.”

He also believes Japanese management have been far too slow in keeping up with music trends in recent years and that’s where Korean acts are getting the edge globally.

A part of this edge is education. 2NE1’s Bom graduated from Boston’s prestigious Berklee College of Music, and two of the other girls in the group speak fluent English. Sasaki again stresses though, that good music is the key, “The next album is everything, the quality of that comes before all else.”

2NE1 aren’t the only group focused on the West. The big Korean management companies are all setting up shop in the United States and are seeing real results. The Wonder Girls will release their debut English album on May 15 and embark on a U.S. tour in June. This follows the U.S. debut of their single “Nobody,” the first ever by an Asian group to chart in the Billboard Hot 100, hitting 76 in October 2009. 4Minute collaborated with U.S. R&B singer Amerie on “Heard ‘Em All” earlier this year, and Korean acts have also been getting coverage on Western blogs, including significant attention from influential celebrity-gossip blogger Perez Hilton. These early gains have inspired the groups to make it to as many countries as possible.

However, Japan is still the first step on this road, and Sasaki alludes to plans beyond the MTV awards for when 2NE1 arrive in Japan next month.

Source: japantimes.co.jp
Credit: sjaikb @ soompi for posting



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  3. WTH bom cant rap it must be cl i think this yg japan’s CEO guy must be really thick he doesn’t even know the names of the members it’s cl that can rap not bom!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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