YG Entertainment boycotts Dream Concert?

With the grand kpop festival Dream Concert just around the corner for many domestic fans, it seems like a certain group of stars will not be joining the event after all. On the ‘finalized’ list of appearance that was posted recently, the singers under the YG Entertainment label are nowhere to be found.

Are we facing another boycott incident?

According to production staff from Dream Concert, the answer is no.

They’ve revealed that although the YG stars are not included among the other performing artists including but not limited to Lee Hyori, Rain, and SNSD, their appearance is still very much possible. “The announced list is not finalized. We are still in discussions with YG about their participation,” said a representative.

Another source stated, “[If YG stars will appear or not,] I don’t know. We are in negotiations with YG at the moment, but they still cannot give us a clear answer due to a conflict of schedules with another upcoming YG concert. If they can’t come in the end, we can’t do anything about it.”

To say the least, YG Entertainment has always been ‘out of the line’ in the kpop industry, refusing to take the typical route.

Whatever decision that YG Entertainment makes, we’ll just have to sit back and wait




~ by vipforever on April 20, 2010.

9 Responses to “YG Entertainment boycotts Dream Concert?”

  1. a helloo my name is Aj, can i ask a question, is that true that park bom and g dragon are magboyfriend beacause one of my friend say that they are…..please answer me…

    • nope they are not a couple.

    • i dout they are they can’t dated after 3 years now its the company’s rule though i hope it sorta helps i mean how does she know did she see pic…rummers are made but who knows to me i dout it i saw this video of g-dragon being rlly shy with some gurls sorta flirtatious lol^^ i tink if there would that would be known alll over the place i haven seen no articles so i dout they are hope tht sorta helped^^

    • not obcourse…its dara and gd…

    • Never believe what people say unless the two YG singers confirms it. Seriously

    • No . they are just very goood friends 😀

  2. no, i think he (Gdragon) have a relationship with cl, but i donk know its true or not.

  3. hope they are able to attend they deserve it they the best yg fighting!!!^^ 4 life seriously the show would not be complete with them they need some dope awesome music^^

  4. tnx 4 ur answers…

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