2NE1 Etude Photoshoot Interview

Credits: CLbaddestfemale @ youtube, DC2NE1 Gallery
The interview starts off by asking how has 2NE1 been, what have they been up to the past while.
CL said “We’ve returned to the life of trainees, and we’re working hard to practise and exercise.”

They go on to talk about their solo activities, and how the other members would go out and support the others during performances. In particular, Dara mentioned how she would go out every single week to support them, and she’d go so frequently that managers would tell her to stop coming, to which CL said that’s why they would hide in their waiting room.

Dara makes a happy, enjoyable expression when the interviewer asks them to make an expression to describe their feelings today. She also displayed ‘proud’ expression following her excited one.

During the O.X talk, the girls were divided into two teams: the Unni (Older) Line consisting of Sandara Park and Park Bom, and the Dongsaeng (Younger) Line consisting of Minzy and CL.

The first question asked the girls if sometimes they felt the age gap between the members. Sandara was the only one who said she did! She explained “When we were taking a break from the photoshoot just now, I couldn’t help but sit on the floor. I thought, this is weird, it wasn’t like this last year.”

The next question asked “I think that the other team is more immature than us.” where both Bom and Dara both agreed that it wasn’t true, and the two dongsaengs agreed that the unnis were more immature. CL explained that the two unnis were more outgoing and energetic than the two youngers.

CL talks about their music “We’re making music freely now, so really it could even come out tomorrow, or next year, we still don’t know.”

What kind of headlines does 2NE1 want to see when they come back?
Dara said “After so long, as usual 2NE1’s passionate stage!”
Minzy said “2NE1, another super tsunami!!”

CL ends by saying” Everyone, 2NE1 is working hard to prepare, please anticipate a lot, we’ll visit you guys soon. Everyone, let’s go 2NE1!!”

Credits: GEE & BK! @ ygladies.com for translations and explanations.


~ by ygnxgeneration on April 17, 2010.

2 Responses to “2NE1 Etude Photoshoot Interview”

  1. They are absolutely adorable :)). I’m feeling Dara on the age gap thing. After all, she is abt 6 yrs older than CL, and 8 yrs older than Minzy. Age takes its toll.

  2. when is there come back!!!?! or did they not mention it in the news??

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