Behind the Scenes for 2NE1’s 11st CF!


The girls of 2NE1 recently had an eye-catching endorsement CF with the online shopping mall 11st. Now, 11st has released a special Behind the Scenes / Making of Video from the CF.

Gotta love the style, the girls look fierce… the music is catchy too. If memory serves me correctly I believe this was one of the battle musics used by Chinese American rapper Jin on 106 & Park. Thanks to jazZi^^ for the tip and check out the video below

Source: ALLKPOP!


~ by vipforever on April 14, 2010.

6 Responses to “Behind the Scenes for 2NE1’s 11st CF!”

  1. love cool commercial..very unique…

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  4. dara was the best outta it

  5. i want to watch it!

  6. wow~

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