2NE1 gets fierce for new endorsement!


A few days ago, talk of 2NE1’s comeback concept fired up after an unexplained photo of the quartet in a distinctive concept was posted on Dara’s me2day. Unfortunately, the rumors have proven to be false as this is actually a concept for an upcoming endorsement with the shopping mall 11st, but hey, it means more eye candy for Blackjacks!

As the girls have endorsed 11st in the past, this is the latest segment to their partnership with the internet shopping mall. A recent segment from E News reveals more from the photoshoot, including some shots of the girls posing with red buckets of popcorn. With their elegant yet vibrant look, it looks like this is a step away from the norm, especially when compared to their matching red-and-white outfits from their delivery commercial

The girls also talked about their earlier experiences of delivering packages to customers of 11st. “I went to the building [for the delivery] and I think they were expecting me because they had a present waiting for me,” Dara reminisced. “So I delivered the package and received the gift so I was really happy.”

“When I arrived at the building, they actually asked me where Sandara Park was so…I had a different kind of experience,” CL confessed.

The leader wrapped up the video with a message to the program’s viewers, saying, “2NE1’s first album is currently in production so please stay tuned. E News and viewers, stay healthy. Yes, fighting. Thank you!”

Meanwhile, CL followed Dara’s lead and posted a picture on her own me2day account as well. To be honest, I question 2NE1’s fashion choices sometimes, but the pattern of this onesie is kind of cool:




~ by vipforever on April 6, 2010.

One Response to “2NE1 gets fierce for new endorsement!”

  1. I question their outfits sometimes too. Makes me wonder what they are going to rock for the summer!. Lol forever 2ne1!

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