Sandara Park reveals her new tattoo!!


2NE1’s adorkable member Sandara Park is known for keeping fans up-to-date and for releasing hilarious behind-the-scene photos on me2day. The latest photo took quite a lot of fans by surprise as she revealed her new tattoo!

Via her me2DAY, she uploaded the photo above saying, “This is the tattoo on my shoulder~! It’s pretty, right?! They say it’ll be on for a few days~ But since I clean well and bathe often, it might fade away earlier. Ho ho ho.

Yes it’s only a temporary tattoo so don’t get all worried in thinking that 2NE1 became some kind of a gang. Then again, she does look quite intimidating in the photo above…

Sandara added onto her me2DAY update saying, “I wish facial makeup would be like a tattoo so that even if you have it on for long or sweat a lot, it’ll conveniently stay the same so I can always look pretty in front of Black Jacks.”


source: ALLKPOP


~ by vipforever on April 1, 2010.

6 Responses to “Sandara Park reveals her new tattoo!!”

  1. it is pretty cool.i lke to get one.haha

  2. a real tattoo ?

  3. its a henna tattoo i think..

  4. DARA…You look pretty… beautiful…. even without make up…

  5. yes its a henna tattoo

  6. looks cute shows how much she loves 2ne1 hehe they all got a different one rite?i saw one on cl’s neck and some on bom’s hands and this one in daras arm did minji one get 1 as well?

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