2NE1 members fought each other for clothes?


2NE1 is well known for their crazy and creative fashion sense and the group was recently interviewed during a photoshoot for ARENA May issue over whether they ever fought each other over clothing and accessories.

The members laughed and answered, “Each member has a different style, so we have no reason to fight over clothes.” CL then stated, “If we get clothes or accessories, we all know who it belongs to depending on the style.”


Sandara Park then explained the different styles of the members. She stated, “Bom is always a onepiece. Hotpants also fits, which suit her feminine look. Baggy jeans and a beanie hat suits me, which is good because it’s getting cold these days (laughs). Minzy, even though shes young, likes to wear sexy clothes. She has a mature style, which is the opposite of my childish fashion.”

Minzy then stated, “It’s surprising how our fashion is all different. Dara and CL unnie likes the “street” look, with lots of prints. I, on the otherhand, favor feminine clothes.”

The group was then asked to pick who the best dresser was.


Without hesitation, they all picked CL. Minzy stated, “CL unnie likes to try a variety of styles. Whenever we have a new song or music video, her fashion is always different.”

Sandara Park stated, “CL was different even when we were trainees. Her fashion is very unique. She completes our group’s overall look.”

The photoshoot concept was different then usual, as they were going for a masculine look. Check out the BTS photos that were released!



~ by vipforever on April 1, 2010.

One Response to “2NE1 members fought each other for clothes?”

  1. ;)its kool how they all get along it seems like they very tight tht kool man wish i would have more friends like them and yeah there styles what makes or compleats2ne1 hehe makes them unique
    Bom is more feminine
    Dara fresh baggy
    CL unique bright makes a statement and gets attention ofcorse as the leader n
    Minzy is feminine but in a younger way idk how 2 explain lol but all thre cloths is awesome love it wish i had the same cloths like them and a stylest that makes there hair look so nice^^

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