2NE1& Jeremy Scott groove it out in Seoul


Adidas held a party in Seoul recently and, although the event is now over, fancams have begun to emerge on the internet!

Word of 2NE1 hanging out with famed fashion designer Jeremy Scott has quickly gotten around the block, and it looks like they really hit it off with each other. After the

quartet shared a photoshoot with Jeremy Scott for NYLON, grabbed dinner and gave a birthday shoutout to 2NE1-fanboy Perez Hilton, the designer and 2NE1 (sans underaged maknae Minzy) headed to Club Answer for some more fun & bonding.

Here, they enjoy themselves with what sounds like a remix of Untrust Us by Crystal Castles as well as their songs Try to Follow Me and Let’s Go Party:

credit: taijizero2 @ youtube

credit: taijizero2 @ youtube

credit: taijizero2 @ youtube

Source: ALLKPOP!

~ by vipforever on March 29, 2010.

4 Responses to “2NE1& Jeremy Scott groove it out in Seoul”

  1. where is minzy???????

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  3. hey, i really like park boms jacket, can u tell me where i can get one of those? thanks,

  4. @whatever she wasn’t there bcus they had wen’t to a club and she is under age so she couldn’t go i herd.

    ^^b i luv Bommies outfit ;)whant it so cute the shirt,pants and jaket..
    i also liked daras earings:)

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