[03.26.10] Sandara Park 12 Part ‘Star Diary’ Part 11- “Why don’t they contact me?”

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The season that makes all girls hearts flutter has arrived. Lately the spring wind has been blowing gently, and Sandara Park’s heart has been fluttering too.

“Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty in the woods, all get a prince charming on a white horse, why don’t I have one~”

27 year old Sandara Park dreams of love. With sparkling eyes, Sandara Park said she really wanted to experience love. We became curious as to what kind of Prince Charming she was dreaming of.

“Um.. Wonbin-sshi and Kang Dongwon-sshi? (Haha) It’s sad that these days Wonbin-sshi doesn’t do many activities. He was really cool in the drama Ggokji. My ideal type of guy is a tough younger guy and Wonbin gave exactly that kind of image in Ggokji.”

Sandara Park who is still lost in her dreams revealed that the truth is she was a fool at love too. Moreover, she said she had trouble speaking in front of guys.

“I don’t have much aegyo and I can’t speak well to guys. When guys speak even one or two words to me, I respond really awkwardly. When the other members see this, they warn me ‘Until you change your personality, you won’t be able to get a boyfriend’.

‘Foolish Dara’ has had one experience in dating. She had a boyfriend for one year but the relationship faded between them. After this, she remained single for a long time. She freely expressed her impatient heart.

“If you become close to me, I’ll be really bright towards you all the time. I’m the ‘outgoing one’ amongst 2NE1. It’s a bit tough to become close to me, but if you do, I’ll be ‘outgoing’ Sandara.”


Although Sandara Park said that she wasn’t very popular, she has captured the hearts of many men in Korea. Many male celebrities have stated that Sandara Park is their ideal types on shows too.

“It seems like there are a couple of guys who have said I’m their ideal types. I saw those shows too. But for some reason they don’t contact me? I’ve even asked myself ‘Why don’t they contact me?’. I don’t think I’m very popular. Even those close to me don’t show me interest, although I’m always with my managers. It’s a shame.”

Even Yang Hyunsuk’s representatives changed their contract agreements for the sake of ‘Foolish Dara’. But Sandara Park has only been disappointed.

“Yang Hyunsuk’s representatives shortened our contract that said we couldn’t date for 5 years to 3 years. But it still doesn’t seem like it’s good enough. In 3 years I’ll be in my 30s. Of course work is important too. I can work hard while being in love too.”

When Sandara Park was young, she dreamed of getting married at 22. She wanted to wear a wedding dress when she was pretty and at the peak of her youth.

“I really don’t want to do it past 30. However because of my contract, it seems like I’ll have to. I’m sad. I don’t even have a chance to meet anyone.”

Translated by GEE @ ygladies.com
Do not change these two lines if taking out.

~ by vipforever on March 26, 2010.

5 Responses to “[03.26.10] Sandara Park 12 Part ‘Star Diary’ Part 11- “Why don’t they contact me?””

  1. Aahhh, Poor Dara;-( YG let her have a boyfriend now!!!

  2. i like her picture with a flower on her head…

  3. she is really pretty..
    poor dara…

  4. miss ka na namin sandara!!

    mahal kita

  5. maybe the YG should allow dara and bom to have a date or have a boyfriend, they are not young anymore….

    dara is so pretty..

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