28.02.2010 2NE1 Me2day Updates

Credit: Dara and Minzy’s Me2day

Translations@ aa-chan

잠자는 대기실의공쥬~! 공주에게 필요한건뭐다~!? 빨리 깨워주세용~ㅋ

Princess is sleeping in the practice room~! Is it necessary for the princess~!? Wake up quickly~ㅋ

자기전에 한장이라도!!!책을읽는습관ㅋㅋ

Reading chapter one before!!! It’s my hobbyㅋㅋ

계란은 남이깨주면 계란프라이가되고,내자신스스로가깨면 병아리가된다

The egg is born, the egg fries and then a new life is born and the chick appears.


~ by ygnxgeneration on March 2, 2010.

13 Responses to “28.02.2010 2NE1 Me2day Updates”

  1. haha minji is like a nerd student…
    and whatta life cycle of egg?!?!?!…>.<

  2. yeah for me sandara park is like a princes… MY HIHGNESS………..

  3. gong minji was so cute :):):)

  4. Omg i was watching the news and i heard i dont care playing in the back round ^^
    living in the U.S ^^ im so proud of my 2ne1

  5. si sandy kahit natutulog nakakatawa parin…lets go 2ne1…we love you DARA…

  6. adorable dara………sleeping funny beauty!!!!!

  7. what their new album title?
    Love you DARA………….

  8. i heard it on wed. and it was blasting up in the backround

  9. Dara is so funny.dreaming of g-d?

  10. I was just passing by but because their Me2day comments are sorta funny and nice, thought I’d translate them (as the translations provided here are not entirely correct), hope you don’t mind! I know translating isn’t easy, esp. for dara cause i can see she uses a lot of slang!

    Dara: Sleeping beauty of the practice room! what does sleeping beauty need?! Wake me up quick! (implying she is waiting for a kiss from prince charming 0_0)

    the egg: when an egg is broken by someone else, it becomes a
    fried egg, but when it is broken by itself it becomes a chick.
    -not a nice translation but you get the meaning, hopefully. i quite like this quot actually!

    • maybe u can help me translating it. anyways,all the translations are not from me. it’s from aa-chan

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