2NE1 to perform on Music Core?


YG Entertaintment is currently in talks with MBC on whether or not 2NE1 will be appearing on MBC’s Music Core.

During 2009, very few YG artists appeared on Music Core and even during G-Dragon’s live promotions, he appeared on both Music Bank and Inkigayo but not Music Core. Although MBC denied that they were boycotting YG Entertainment, it’s obvious that there is some sort of beef between them.

But now that it’s the new year the two companies are hoping to make amends by having 2NE1 appear on the special 200th episode of Music Core. A representative of 2NE1 said, “Nothing has been confirmed yet but we are working on it. We predict that the girls will most likely perform on the show.”

2NE1 recently released a surprise single called Try To Copy Me and instantly rocked the charts. Hopefully YG will be able to smooth things over with MBC to allow the girls to perform.



~ by vipforever on February 11, 2010.

3 Responses to “2NE1 to perform on Music Core?”

  1. When will their new album be coming out? I remember you said it would come out in the end of January or in the beginning of February, but I still don’t see it .. :T Could you tell me when? =] Thanks!

    • not sure yet.
      sometimes they hv their own reason why they dont release it what they have told u. probably they r waiting for the rite time. wait for them…they will hv a comeback.

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    2NE1 to perform on Music Core?

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