[UPDATE] 2NE1, ‘날 따라 해봐요 (Try To Be Like Me)’ song revealed! PICTURE!



Credit: HypnoticAsia

It’s been a long time we have not heard from them. The Blackjacks must be shocked when suddenly you found they have released new song title ‘날 따라 해봐요 (Try To Be Like Me)’.

The lyrics to the song brings the message to females to be confident and dignified, like 2NE1’s previous hit songs composed by Teddy.

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Credit: jenpoo

~ by ygnxgeneration on February 9, 2010.

12 Responses to “[UPDATE] 2NE1, ‘날 따라 해봐요 (Try To Be Like Me)’ song revealed! PICTURE!”

  1. This is song is so nice! I hear it’s not actually their comeback single but a single for a phone?

    Man if their songs keep being on this level can you imagine what their comeback single will be like?

    • Don’t get me wrong, Fire and I Don’t Care were good and all — but this song here just doesn’t impress me like those did.

      Too much autotune, and the beat is lacking. This better not be the comeback single. Let’s hope it’s for the Samsung CF.

      • Agree. This doesn’t come near I don’t care or Please don’t go. Prefer lollipop to this song.

        Plus the background music sounds like one of the song in black square.

  2. this isnt their comeback. hehe.!! its for samsung CF. they’re even holding a phone in the pic.. but its a nice song though. 😀 TEDDY is a genius. :]

  3. kyaa!i don’t care if their voices are way too edited!!!i literally cried while i was listening to this song ‘coz i missed them so much!!
    but i think it’s for their Samsung CF coz they aint gonna be back ’til march or April i heard…

    i miss them…T.T

  4. c was right..
    this song looks like a hiphop song…
    and i hate hiphop..
    hope that there's other new song..

  5. where did park boms voice go?? 😦

  6. I only hear Cl and Minzy >.>

  7. waa!
    i really miss 2ne1’s voice?when will they release there first full lenght album??
    I miss 2ne1’s! voice!bommie unnie!
    minzy unnie!
    cl unnie!and dara unnie!i miss ur voice !haha!
    *soooo addicted to 2ne1!

  8. […] got this pics here. More pics there, so click […]

  9. you are amazing

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