Voice of Idol PARK BOM!


2NE1 – Park Bom

If you had to choose between an amazing voice that you find hard to like and a voice that draws your love rather than awe, which would you choose? If you choose the latter, then you are ready to listen to Park Bom’s voice. As the ‘vocals’ of 2NE1, Park Bom has vocals that are unique from even her idol peers. If I had to add to that, I would say that instead of being a ‘trained’ vocal, should I say she gives me more of a ‘ready to fly’ feeling?

I remember that the producer, Teddy, pointed out Park Bom’s voice and said, ‘Nowhere will you find a voice like this,’ with a half-proud half-awed tone. There’s no need to underestimate it as lip-service from the sponsor. It’s well-known that her role model is less the Celine Dion-type ‘white’ diva and more the Whitney Houston ‘black’ diva. This is a personal preference, but her choice emphasizes the ‘expression’ or ‘appeal’ of vocals. This is something that’s hard to find in even the best trained vocals. Maybe this is why Park Bom’s voice shines in urban R&B, with its electronic background music. ‘New British Neo-Soul’ artists, like Adele and Duffy, human vocals in the vintage electronics. The songs by artists like them.

If you describe listening to Park Bom’s solo hit song ‘You and I’ as eating 72% cacao chocolate to your ears, you wouldn’t be very wrong at all. One thing I would like to point out is that in her enunciation and song style, she tends to mumble, but if she can just kick that habit, then it won’t be a hopeless goal to sound like real espresso – a ‘New British Neo-Soul’ artist.

Source: Nylon Magazine
Translation: hypocritical @ omona_prection


~ by vipforever on January 28, 2010.

6 Responses to “Voice of Idol PARK BOM!”

  1. i always love to listen to bommie unnie’s voice. :))
    even when she’s just talking.. ❤

  2. yeah…
    when i’m tired of studies i just listen to bom unnie’s voice then my stress will dissapper….
    love it…
    go bom unnie…

  3. That’s a good article. I’ve always loved her vocals. Now if she can just get over her stage fright.

  4. she is unique love her soo much

  5. hi to 2ne1 especially to park bom your my idol hehehe

  6. ..bom saranghae!!!


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