Sandara Park, “Funny selca? They are photos of rules and art”


2NE1 Sandara Park speaks up about the talks by netizens about how she only takes funny/joke selca.

Sandara Park revealed during her recently UFO Radio, “The funny selca I take, I treat them like pictorial letters. I feel that it will have more effects to show what I am doing and how I have been through photos.”

She added, “My selca are photos with souls of rules and arts. I cannot agree that they are just funny selca. The expression when I wrinkle nose is like a mascot. In between the wrinkles, I am relaying the message ‘I miss you, thank you, I’m good, tiring, I love you’ to fans.”

With that, fans have sent encouraging messages to Sandara Park after that like, “That’s not funny selca, but art selca”, “Sandara Park is cute in whatever you do”.

Park Bom and MinJi also reveals their true feelings on UFO radio. Also knwon as ‘Park Bom corn’ after her features of eating corn was shown on broadcast TV last year, Park Bom said, “Even though the corn incident was embarrassing, it has become something that makes me feel closer to fans. I will be careful not to cause another corn incident from now on.”

Youngest member Gong MinJi, also known as the ‘puppy manager’, said, “It was a pity we cannot keep a dog as a pet in the dorm. I want to have a cute puppy like that of Big Bang GDragon’s GaHo.”



~ by vipforever on January 15, 2010.

5 Responses to “Sandara Park, “Funny selca? They are photos of rules and art””

    2NE1 HWAITING !! ❤

  2. SOO CUTEE !
    2NE1 Hwaiting ~

  3. Haha, it’s funny but soo true! Love 2NE1:)

  4. haha.very funny!

  5. …..I LOVE 2NE1……. XDDD

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