06.01.10 2NE1 Me2day Updates

Credit: Dara’s Me2day


와쌉?! 오늘도 너무 춥죠?! 왜이렇게 추운거야~~ㅠ실내에있는데도 춥네요 감기안걸릴려면 나처럼 따듯하게입구댕겨요꼭! ^.^ 뿅~!

Wassup?! Isn’t it cold again today?! Why is it so cold~~ㅠ It’s cold inside too and you’ll catch a cold if you don’t wear warm clothes like me! ^.^ Byong~!

밍끼의 신년운세를 봐주세요오~!!! 공민지 올해 17세! 여자 그리고 저기 손금도있습니다! 밍끼의 2010년은~~~?!? 궁금해궁금해!!!

Minji’s New Year message~!!! Minji is 17 years old! And the girl has lines on her palm! Minji’s 2010~~~?!? Anxious anxious!!!

새해 복 많이 받으세요 ^^달옹난아직아가린이라구!!!! (씨에루가)

Many good wishes in the New Year ^^ Dara hasn’t done me yet!!! (CL)

쨘~! 이번엔 누구의 손바닥? 이 이쁜손의 손금을 봐주세용~!ㅋ음… 이손의 주인공은…노래를 잘하고…옥수수먹다걸려서 혼나고.. 햄토리닮았고.. 고정도? 이손의 주인공은 뉴규~?!^^

Tada~! Whose palm is this? Please look at this beautiful hand’s palm~!ㅋ Um…this hand’s heroine…sings well…eats corn alone..Hamtori..puzzled? Who is this hand’s heroine~?!^^


~ by ygnxgeneration on January 6, 2010.

12 Responses to “06.01.10 2NE1 Me2day Updates”

  1. i thin it’s dara or bommie’s beautiful palm. ^.^

  2. it’s bommie’s palm!!!
    i know this sounds weird, but she has such a pretty hand with long fingers and a slim thumb! my fingers are short and my thumbs are fat TT_TT

  3. Wow, look at CL…

  4. Happpy B-Day Minzy , and yes , here , it’s so cold Ouffff x)

  5. CL roo,is it me or do u look skinnier these days???
    no matter,u still looks sexy n amazin..<3
    luv yah

  6. totally BOM
    i remember her eating corn in 2ne1tv
    and she got caught the next day

    i know its for sure cause in the 2ne1 TV thing she ate corn and then she had to work out the next day saying she hates corn 🙂

  8. 1st thing,

    & I guest,that palm BOMMIE UNNIE?!-_-

  9. advance happy birthday gong minji….
    cl is so sexy in that pic……
    i guess… that palm is from bommie-unnie…
    2ne1 fighting!

  10. CL so cool and this pic(and every pic :-p) is so thin
    love her so much

    bom’s plam so pretty but me.. T^T

  11. it’s bommie unnie’s palm!!:DDD

  12. i realy love those pics! speacialy dara

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