01.01.10 2NE1 Me2day Updates

Credit: Dara’s Me2day

Translation @ aa-chan

와쌉?!^.^ 달옹은지금 새해 첫문자쓰는중! 새해는 잘맞이햇어요? 난…ㅋ자고일어나니 새해더군요! 요즘 스케줄 때매미용실가보면 연말이라 “송년파티의 주인공이되세요” 라는 패키지가있더라고요! 그래서 어제 스케줄도없는데 미용실에 갓죠! 그런데…과연 송년파티의 주인공이되엇을…

Wassup?!^.^ This is the first post of 2010! Did you have a good New Year? I…ㅋ slept through it! These days, the schedule is all about getting ready for the end of year awards and the beauty shop women say, “You’ll be the belle of the ball.” And so there was no schedule yesterday, so I went to the beauty shop again! However…as expected, the end of year party…

이쁘게 메이컵도하고.. 옷도이쁘게입고..집으로갓죠ㅋ막상 갈때도없고 만날사람도없는거에요! 누워서 티비를보는데…그동안 잠못자고 피곤햇는지…스르륵.. 잠이들고 그상태로 또 15시간을자고 일어나니 1월1일이네요!^^;;;하하하..새해 복 많이 받구요! 우리 올해는 더 대박냅…

Pretty makeup.. and the pretty clothes.. went to the houseㅋ When we ultimately left, we didn’t meet the person! I lay down and watched TV… During that time, I started to fall asleep…zzz.. I had been in a sleepy state for about 15 hours and when I woke up, it was January 1st!^^;;; Hahaha.. Have a lucky new year! We’ll have more big hits this year…


~ by ygnxgeneration on January 1, 2010.

7 Responses to “01.01.10 2NE1 Me2day Updates”

  1. Happy new year 2ne1!more projects to come and hope your first full lenght album can be released here in the Philippines!more blessings to come!

  2. hey guyZzzzzZzz….jUst pAsSin by to say hapi yo yer…heeheheh…..wish you all the best in your group more music to inspire us more joy that make us laugh more steps to make us groove in every second of the music and a good health hope you come visit in the philippines and also i want to greet minzy an advanced happy birthday minzy and i were in the same birthdate and also the same age more birthdays to come in your life girl…..love yahhh…..

  3. More power 2ne1!!! fighting!

  4. happy New Year Again ! ^.^

  5. “we didn’t meet the person” -> she’s referring to whom???…

    just curious

    i really hope they will have more hits ds 2010

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