2NE1 on MBC Variety Show “Danbi”

Credit: nguyentbc + sknsub

There are NO English Subs for this show yet.

4-member newcomer girlgroup 2NE1 appeared on MBC variety show for the first time since their debut!

The girls were guest appearance on MBC ‘Sunday Night – DanBi’ aired on 27th December. This is the first time the girls appear on MBC variety program in 7 months since the girls debuted in May.

The girl had taken gone up from Busan station to Seoul station from 7.45am in the morning in the cold weather of negative 12 degrees together with the MCs on the show Kim YoungMa, Tak JaeHoon, Ahn YoungMi and Kim HyunChul.

The show that day was a ‘2009 DanBi Train’ special which talks about the heartwarming stories of heroes in the past 1 year under the program ‘DanBi’. And 2NE1 had met with these heroes living in different parts of Korea on the train and did a special event with them.
Some of the heroes 2NE1 met are the morning market old lady who had taken care of meals of many households in her neighbourhood, the brave high school student who saved a father and his son who had fallen into the water, the kind doctor who had given hope to many grandmothers in the countryside, and the grandmother who had donated 23 million KRW even though she only did ddeokbokki business her whole live.

2NE1 did a special concert when they arrived at Seoul station performing their hit songs on stage. They also did a video message for those whom they are thankful to this one year.

Sandara Park said, “I just want to say thank-you to the 2NE1 members who had helped me a lot even though I almost did not make it to join the team.”



~ by ygnxgeneration on December 27, 2009.

3 Responses to “2NE1 on MBC Variety Show “Danbi””

  1. i wish there was an eng sub!

    • there’s a reason why they have no subs yet. coz this show has just been released yesterday. n people who are doin the sub is the fansubs. so we have to be patient. fansubbing is free. so it takes time. they working on it. if no subs,we jusy hv to live with it

  2. i love 2NE1!!IM SO ADDICTED!!specially CL!!!!!!!

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