[Interview]2NE1, ideal tpe of guy

During their recent interview with StarNews, group 2NE1 reveals something which many fans have been curious about – their ideal type of guy!

Go under the cut to find out the girls’ ideal type of guy and also their future plans and goals for next year!

[An abstract from the interview]

Q: Currently 2NE1 members have no boyfriends, there are many fans who are curious about your ideal type of guys.

  • Park Bom: I’d like someone who can only loves me. I don’t really look at the looks.
  • CL: Teddy oppa’s style, who is like my real oppa, is my ideal type. I like someone who is caring, works hard at what he is doing and is a good listener.
  • Sandara Park: The style I like are like celebrities WonBin and Kang DongWon. The toughness within the soft image.
  • Gong MinJi: I like someone who has a pretty smile, is caring and sincere.

Q: Further plans and next year’s aim:

  • Park Bom: Even though this will be discussed in more details with the company, but by looking at it now, looks like 2NE1’s 1st full length album will come out early next year. And I want to do our own concert after the album release.
  • CL: We are currently preparing for our full length album and we will appear in front of everyone with a new image. Because it has been long and we want to present our best, we will work hard for this 1st full length album. Oh and, personally I found that we have musical charms through our performance during 2009 MAMA. If there is any opportunities, I want to take up a challenge in this area.
  • Sandara Park:  I’ve seen how many people would follow our clothes and songs when I return to the Philippines after debuting as 2NE1. And there are many people who asked me why 2NE1 did not come along. Even though there are no plans about this yet, if there is a chance, I want to go to the Philippines with 2NE1. Oh and, I have interests in acting too. I want to try out roles similar to that played by seonbae Han YeSeul in drama ‘Fantasy Couple’. But of course, currently 2NE1’s promotion is the top priority.
  • Gong MinJi: Even though there are no solid plans yet, we will work hard to show more improved features next year as compared to this year.


Credit: Kbites


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10 Responses to “[Interview]2NE1, ideal tpe of guy”

  1. 2NE1 TV!!!!!!PLLLLLEEEAAASSSSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!=[

  2. i love how Dara remembers Philippines :)) she really doesn’t forget.

    go 2ne1! can’t wait for you next year. 😀

  3. Nice to hear the girls are gearing up for their full length release. I’m sure it will be epic.

  4. I think Cl likes teddy….hmmmm….

  5. come dara! 2ne1 and you are always welcome in the Philippines!

  6. Howcome your albums are not for sale here in the Philippines?I want to buy one if that happens!I hope you guys will go here in the Philippines and have a concert!With so many guestings and appearances in any t.v. channel!hope that it will happen!XD.I♥2ne1.

  7. I would like that 2NE1 can to go on Canada , Montreal ( or Laval ) 🙂 For that I will see a 2NE1’s show ! 🙂 So Girls, don’t separate ♥

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  9. ..Anyong haseyo..

  10. minzy forever

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