2NE1 in School Uniform for SBS Gayo Daejun this year

Credit: Kbites

2NE1 to invade school wearing school uniforms!

2NE1 did a guerilla concert in a school wearing school uniform for a special performance for SBS Gayo DaeJun on 30th December. Known to set trends and made headlines with their fashion style since their debut this year, the group shows yet another charming side of them wearing uniform.

A production staff expressed confidence for the performance, “Can be said to be the best guerilla performance in history”.

Meanwhile for SBS Gayo DaeJun this year, we will see the face-off between ‘rival’ rookie groups BEAST and MBLAQ, Big Bang GDragon and TaeYang’s solo stages, and also 2PM’s upgraded performance of ‘Heartbeat’ with a new ending performance ever seen before. 2PM will also be performing a new song.



~ by ygnxgeneration on December 24, 2009.

11 Responses to “2NE1 in School Uniform for SBS Gayo Daejun this year”

  1. i love 2ne1 the BEST!

    they are also CUTE~
    and TALENTED!

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  3. nice,cute and new style of uniform…
    hwaiting 2ne1…~_~

  4. OOhhh Cool Cool 🙂

  5. awww they look so cute!!!
    but i wish my uniform looked like that!!!

  6. omg they look so cute!

  7. *drool*

  8. 2ne1 tv . please back .!

  9. they look like anime cartoon girls ^_^
    cute ,,

  10. so cute.. =]

  11. They are all cute in their outfits!haha!love yah 2ne1!

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