23.12.09 2NE1 Me2day Updates

Credit: Dara’s Me2day


메리 크리스마스!ㅋㅋ이 뒷통수의 주인공들은 뉴규~?! 여기저기 크리스마스 트리와 불빛들이네요.. 크리스마스때 뭐해요?? 우리랑 같이보내는게어때용?!약쏙!^.^ 카몬~!

Merry Christmas!ㅋㅋ Who is it turning away from the camera and wearing the hats~?! Here and there Christmas trees and the colors of a flame.. What will you do on Christmas Day?? How about sending stuff to us?! Promise!^.^ Come on~!

몇일전 플똥고팀 보러 인기가요에 놀러갔다가 우연히 만난 천둥이란가수… 너무 멋있어서 사진을 부탁했더니 밝게 찍어주었다! 그런데! 그 아이 얼굴이너무 작아서 내가약간 굴욕..으로나왔다ㅠㅠ쟤 9등신이래매! 사진같이안찍을거야!흥!나두 얼굴 작은데!!!ㅠㅠㅋ

The maknae team changed to go and perform at Inkigayo and accidentally ran into Thunder… We requested to take a super cool photo! However! He has a really small face and he was a little embarrassed..he came outㅠㅠ Like the photograph that he won’t take! Hong! My face is small too!!!ㅠㅠㅋ


~ by ygnxgeneration on December 23, 2009.

17 Responses to “23.12.09 2NE1 Me2day Updates”

  1. CL and Minji,i guess^^

  2. hello 🙂 im so obsessed in 2ne1 sometimes i cant sleep thinking of them .

    why they dont upload in youtube new video ( 2ne1 tv)

  3. I know that MINZY & CL!!!

  4. please upload in youtube 2ne1 tv . because thats d only way i know wat they doing. please?

  5. i thnk that is dara and sang hyun

  6. i miss 2NE1 TV!=[

  7. i love 2ne1 the best!
    I always thinking about them.
    We also download their videos in our computer.
    Unique 2ne1! Mua.

  8. 2ne1tv already ended

  9. i know that is bom and gong min ji……..

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. i know that is park bom! and minzy because bom have a long hair and she wears a short dress… when they dance..

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. I woul like to have your cd 🙂 lol
    && I think that the 2 girls are Minji ( right) and Park Bom ( left ) ,,, is it true? 🙂

  12. plzzzz back the 2ne1 tv!

  13. It’s Sandara on the left and CL on the right.

  14. it’s cl nd minji…. very xure…..
    oh! nd pls upload more videos of 2NE1 TV on youtube plsssssssssssss…….. it’s d only way 4 me 2 know wat they’re doing nd it is sooooooo much fun watching all those videos especially when they were mking cookies…. hahahahaha lol!!!!! tnx..^_^

  15. hmm , if thunder knows how to speak tagalog ?

  16. It is dara and minzy.Btw.2ne1 tv has already ended but if you want to watch it and you are a filipino you could watch it at Qtv channel 11.I think every 4:15 pm every saturday.it is just a secret!

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