091212 2NE1 at Entertainment Relay

Credit: sknsub+Kbites

Sorry no sub. Well they are talking about the contract that YG said they are not allowed to date for 5 years after their debut. CL felt pity for Dara and Bom because when after 5 years they are going to be 31 years old. So it’s kinda too late. Begging YG to give them a chance by shortening the”dating” contract.

Dara reveals that she thinks that Big Bang SeungRi is cute when he calls her ‘noona’.

On KBS 2TV ‘Entertainment Weekly’ aired on 12th December, Sandara Park was asked “Does Big Bang treat you like a noona?” she answered, “Yes they do. And SeungRi calls ‘noona’ the cutest.” and trid to imitate the way he calls her.

Also the members praised Park Bom on her beautiful leg line while choosing her as the one who goes well with one-piece the best, and Park Bom said, “Really thankful. My legs are well….”

CL said, “I thought there were some fashion items that were scary previously. I would get hurt at my neck after I get off the stage.”

Do you notice Dara is wearing some kind of a retainer/braces?


~ by ygnxgeneration on December 13, 2009.

6 Responses to “091212 2NE1 at Entertainment Relay”

  1. hhmmm…….
    they have braces?!!Look at DARA and CL,i think MINZY might too,but BOM I’m not sure.
    I wonder what their said?!
    I hope somebody will translate it or sub this…-_-

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  5. Hm…that’s quite a contract. Hopefully it’s for the best.

  6. For me, 2NE1 is Park Bom & Dara& Minzy & Cl, nobody other, just this fabulous four girls, :)♥

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