09.12.09 2NE1 Me2day Updates

UPDATED!(10th DEC 2009)

Credit: Dara’s Me2day + CL’s Me2day

Translations: aa-chan.net

More photos under the cut

반지 귀엽죠?ㅋ야자수 머리한 못난이인형!ㅋ이 서랍장을 열면저의 여러가지 물건들이있지요! 봄이가 준 비타민의결정체두있구~ 퉤니들같이찍은 사진들두있구~ 내 보물창고에요^^ 저 숙소들어왔는데 드라마봐야되요!ㅋ뿅!^.^

The ring’s cute, right?ㅋ One person coconut tree head doll!ㅋ If I open these drawers there are secret things inside! Bom has two different vitamins in there~ There are pictures of 2NE’s we took~ My treasure trove^^ Although we just came home, we’re seeing some dramaㅋ Bbyong!^.^

와쌉?! 두근두근… 지금 씨에루 자고있는데 몰래보내는거에요! 랙잭이들을 위해서!ㅠ이거 대기실에서찍은거에요! 씨에루 어차피 컴맹이라 내가 이거 올린거 잘모를거에요!ㅋ모두 비밀이에욧!ㅋ쉿! 섹쉬린~~~!카몬~!

Wassup?! Dudundudun… CL is sleeping now! For the Black Jacks!ㅠ This was taken in the waiting room! *One of them is computer illiterate* and I uploaded it!ㅋ It’s a secret!ㅋ Shh! Sexy Rin~~~! Come on~!

I must say that CL looks so HOT! sexay~

플똥고팀과의 귀여운 추억! 연습생시절~ 내가 새핸드폰으로 바꾼어느날.. 배경화면이 없던 내폰을보고채뤼니가ㅋ귀엽게사진을 찍어서 배경화면으로 해놔따! 다음날 그것을 발견한 밍끼!!ㅋㅋ내폰을 가져가더니 자기 사진으로 배경화면을 바꿔논것이다!ㅋ

Reminiscing about the cute ‘Please Don’t Go’ team! Practice time~ Some day I changed to a new cell phone.. I didn’thave a picture of CL as the backgroundㅋ Take the cute picture, pick it and then add the background screen! Minji discovered it the next day!!ㅋㅋ She took my phone and changed the background screen with her own photograph!ㅋ

달옹이미쳤어요 혼내줘

Crazy Dara is giving me a hard time

그리고 그 다음날 그걸본 채뤼니는 또 자기 사진으로 바꿔놓고 그다음날은 또 밍끼..또 채뤼니.. 밍끼.. 이런식으로 내 배경화면 차지하엿다!ㅋ귀여운 동생들의 행동을 보는게 너무 재밌엇다ㅋ결국 마무리는 내 사진으로 하는걸로 끝이낫다!ㅋ

And when CL saw it the next day, she substituted it with her own photo, then the next day Minji changed it again..and again CL.. Minji.. The background screen was occupied with this!ㅋ I saw what the cute younger girls were up toㅋ Finally, they stopped and it was over!ㅋ

카리쓰마! 포스 좔좔! 파워풀한 댄스! 그리고 너무너무 믿음직스러운 동생들이지만ㅋ나에겐 너무나도 귀엽고 사랑스러운 아이들이다!^.^ 막내라인 홧팅!!! 굿밤~!

Charisma! Force! Powerful dance! And they really really understand their position even though they are youngerㅋ To me, they are cute children and should be loved as such!^.^ Maknaes, fighting!!! Good night~!

Hmm,CL has a new phone. Could it be Samsung Anycall Corby phone? 2PM endorses them. And she bought Taecyeon’s color. Energetic green~

Credit: xbaybiieglamax3

Is it true? or my eyes seeing things..haha..check it out

Credit: 2pmonline


~ by ygnxgeneration on December 10, 2009.

13 Responses to “09.12.09 2NE1 Me2day Updates”

  1. Ha, I wonder who that’s supposed to be?

  2. hahaha a wonder black baby like the hair of dara hahaha 🙂

  3. you rock 2NE1 ^^

  4. hahaha…….sooooo sexy!!!!!!
    hwaiting guysss….
    we luv you -_-”

  5. so sexy CL!!!

  6. nice suit CL…

  7. Cl so sexy!I wish i have a body like that!haha!:-P

  8. hahah cell phone are great 😉

  9. Nice CP CL!!luv yah!=]

  10. Does tht phone appear here in America??

    • hmm i’m not sure. but in malaysia they got. i’m not sure it’s the same version as 2pm’s. coz there’s no green. instead they hv orange

  11. gosssh, cl & minji cracks me up Good 🙂
    Hehe, & Dara is so OMFG. hehe, I LIKE THISSSSSS <33

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