2NE1 at G-Dragon’s “Shine The Light” concert


Ok,blackjacks! Credit to aa-chan.net for the pictures. Alex went to the concert and took some pictures of the girls.

Feel the vibe!

To see more of G-Dragon’s concert photos you can go to aa-chan.net

Credit: theygsecret21

Cameras were not allowed so fans had to do a lot of sneaking.(Like Alex did lol)

but i managed to find fancams of CL’s performance

Credit: almirajiang

You can see that the performance was hard to record. Sneaking it out it’s hard…lol

Can’t wait for the DVD! Hope they’ll sell it

Will try to find Dara’s fancam. Patient blackjacks

Can you feel the vibe???


~ by ygnxgeneration on December 6, 2009.

14 Responses to “2NE1 at G-Dragon’s “Shine The Light” concert”

  1. they sang We the Leaders?! one of my favorite from GD’s album! he must have been very happy that day; congrats on his first solo concert:)

  2. Wow, CL is so sexy for Papa Teddy (?)

  3. Nice Nice NIce ! I like ti 🙂

  4. ..ei..guyzz…n0 vide0..???can y0u guyzz upload d video…0f the c0ncert..

  5. What concert is this? I want to see vids!

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  7. videos!

  8. dara and gd look good together.^^

  9. Has anybody notice tht Dara’s headband is red?? She has 2 🙂 I want one of those 😦

  10. Aw, man. I didn’t know they performed ‘The Leaders”!~ That’s my most favorite song out of GD’s album! 🙂

    Hope there are more fancams!
    Anyway, It looks awesome.<3

  11. i saw gd’s breathe performance he did with aimee lucas. damn! it was so sexay!
    i cant wait for the dvd ^^
    i only get to watch fancams now but i know that the whole concert is awesome =D
    the fans that went to his concert are so lucky…

  12. lol soo cool that ya’ll can go to see them in concert!!!!!

    Goooo 2NE1

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