05.12.09 2NE1 Me2day Updates and G-Dragon

Credit: Dara and GD’s Me2day

Transaltions: aa-chan.net

굿모닝! 엥? 오잉? 눈이 오는건지…? 창밖을 보니 분명 눈이오고있는데!!! 와~! 눈이다~!!!^0^ 눈와요! 올해의첫눈은아니겟지만 나에겐 첫눈이에요!ㅋ역시.. 첫눈올때 생각나는건 랙잭들뿐인듯ㅋ 우리 만나고나서 처음 같이 보내는 겨울~ 소중하게 보냅시다!^.^

Good morning! Eng? Oing? Shouldn’t it be snowing…? I can see out the window clearly!!! Wah~! Snow~!!!^0^ It’s snowing! Although it’s not the first snow fall of the year, it’s my first time seeing it!ㅋ Still..when I first look at it, I remember the Black Jacksㅋ Come out, and let’s meet Winter~ Best wishes!^.^

콘서트 시작전…대기실에서 당근을먹고있는 싼토끼!ㅋ하지만 맛이없어서 바로 과일로 바꿔먹었어요ㅋ토끼들도 맛잇는거 먹어야죠! 안그래요?ㅋ앗..채..채뤼니는….너무야해! 오늘 의상파격적인데요!^^ㅋ 쏘 섹쉬~!!!

Concert just started…in the waiting room, Ssantokki is nibbling on a carrot!ㅋ But, there’s no taste, so I change to fruitㅋ This is also something rabbits eat! Am I wrong?ㅋ Ah..Chae…Chae rin….it’s so flashy! Today the clothing is awesome!^^ㅋ So sexy~!!!

우린 이제 숙소!!플똥고팀 아가들은 이제 재워야겟어요 내일 인기가요가서 또 멋지게무대 보여줘야하니까요!^^ 글구 내일도 역쉬 지디콘서트! 오늘 너무 멋잇엇는뎅! 내일도 멋잇겟죠?난 내일도 상큼해야쥐!^.^ 굿밤!

We’re back home!! The ‘Please Don’t Go’ Team babies are going to bed shortly because they’ll be attending Inkigayo tomorrow and they performed hard today!^^ There’s another GD concert tomorrow! Today was soooooo cool! Will tomorrow be as good? I’ll be the same for tomorrow!^.^ Good night!

Well, just for fun. I’m posting G-Dragon’s Me2day update today. It’s going to be his solo concert tonight. 2NE1 sisters are supporting him. So, why not all the blackjacks support him! Go VIP!

드디어D DAY!!아 너무설레요^^ 우리오늘재밌게놀아봐요 이따봐∼굿나잇★

It’s finally D DAY!! I’m really excited^^ Catch you later at the concert ∼ Good night★

Too bad we can’t watch it live. I just have to wait till they come out a DVD of GD’s solo concert.


~ by ygnxgeneration on December 5, 2009.

4 Responses to “05.12.09 2NE1 Me2day Updates and G-Dragon”

  1. Is this Dara reporting? Cute.

  2. I WANT TO go to KOREA!!!!!maybe 2011!!yeepee!

  3. hahaah , here , snow we can see it each years…haha I love it =D , but who is blackjacks? have a good concert ^^

  4. i love 2ne1 and g-d!i wish i could go to korea to watch it.T.T

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