Bom’s 40 expressions

Bom’s 40 expressions have made intereting topic by the netizens.

The expressions ranged from ‘blessed look’, ‘unhappy look’, ‘can’t take her mind off bread’ etc. Netizens said, “Park Bom is really cute”, “Thousand-expressions Park Bom” etc.

Credit: Kbites

Go under the cut to see the photos

My personal favourite of Bom’s expression is “Don’t touch my health product”. Reminds me when she at 2ne1tv.



~ by ygnxgeneration on December 3, 2009.

8 Responses to “Bom’s 40 expressions”

  1. LOL, some of them are so funny. The smelly one? And way to use a performance photo for the “where am I” look. This is funny.

  2. even if park bom don’t have makeup,she’s so beatiful 🙂 hahah and i love your face ^.^

  3. haha…bom’s 40 expressions…
    i like her “dont touch my health product”
    and the angel one….
    in any angle she’s so cute…
    ad i like “pure bom and neat bom” too..

  4. hahahahahaha…………bommie’s is soooo cutezzz~

  5. aww.. how come it’s only 39??haha
    i love bommie unnie so much! :))

  6. i love her face…. pretty bom….

  7. Im mongolia I love you ok! :-h

  8. I love you my yahoo gongordorj2009 ok!

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