How to register on Mnet for 2009 MAMA Award? <— For Foreigners


(31TH oct 2009)

Another tutorial provided by YGNXGENERATION(tasha)

Now providing tutorial for foreigners who has not register on Mnet for MAMA Award.

You need to be register to vote your favourite artistes.

So here it goes.

1st step:

Use only “Internet Explorer” browser

2nd step:

Go to

3rd step:


Click the “Mnet” logo to go to Mnet homepage.

4th step:


Click the icon that i have circled above to register.

5th Step:


6th step:


7th Step:

7Fill in the form


Enter your email. After that click the “certification”.

Check you email’s inbox/junk/spam. There will be a message from Mnet. Authentic No. will be provided there.

Then click SAVE.

8th step:



9th step:


After logged in. Go to MAMA  Award icon to start voting


Finish voting click the blue button.

You can vote for your favourite artistes once a day.

Tell me or ask me anything if you have any problems.

Thank you.

Please do not take this tutorial OUT from this site. Link this site back(pingback)

Blackjacks plz inform me if you see this tutorial out from this site. Thank you

Hey blackjacks Mnet has opened “OVERSEA VIEWER” on the site.

and if you still do not understand the tutorial you can go at


for another ways



~ by ygnxgeneration on October 24, 2009.

118 Responses to “How to register on Mnet for 2009 MAMA Award? <— For Foreigners”

  1. […] How to register on Mnet for 2009 MAMA Award? <— For Foreigners […]

  2. Is this free?

  3. sweet! thanks!

  4. how long does the email take to arrive?
    Mine hasn’t arrived even after a whole night.

  5. there is a mistake because they did not send me the number to my email…I tried this many times 😦

    • r u using hotmail? i hv the same problem when i put hotmail email…but when i put my yahoo email…i got the email n the aunthentic no.

  6. i tried the following but when i click the foreigner icon it didn’t work……can u help me…thanx….

  7. really has problem. I don’t get it till.

  8. how do i know if my vote got counted??
    i signed up and everythin….

  9. Nice. Glad to see it can be an international effort.

  10. i have a problem with the registration,i do everything good but when i press “save”,then appears a box saying me that my Id have to be in english or combination english+number, so i don’t know what type of name i have to put( i put one time ariadna90, but don’t work), can you help me?.
    ah! sorry if i write bad in english, i’m spanish, i hope you can understand.

    • maybe u can try simple english.

      • i’m doing that,but always appears the same mesage.uff..i don’t know what to do.i want to vote for them.
        i’ll try other day to register.
        thanks for reply!

  11. Thanks! thanks a lot it helped me much 😀

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  13. […] How to register on Mnet? […]

  14. […] How to register on Mnet? […]

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  16. btw, i don’t know whether my vote counts, bcs everytime i vote, something poped up something that i have to pay or what. even i click the big blue thing to finish my vote, the same thing came out.

  17. I dont have yahoo email :S
    and i havent got the code :’o

  18. thanks for sharing this tutorial.. gonna link this to our forum.

    i really appreciate it. 😀

  19. i was able to log in for international–when i vote and choose 2ne1, a box comes up saying about bill and everything is korean..what do ido?

  20. hey guys can anyone help me?? i complete the registration thing u know the last step but KEEP sayin something about the pass!! The pass its the same down and up english with numbers until 12 characters and i received the authetic no number from my email what do i need to do?? tnx 😉 (pliz answer me cuz i wanna spead it 2ne1 needs to win 😉

    • u mean password? oh u need to put the password for example vita90
      the authentic no. for u to put at the authentic no. box

  21. […] 1. click here […]

  22. I have succeeded in creating an account
    but when I try to vote and click on the
    icon on who i want to vote on, some weird pop-up shows up and I’m unable to vote.

  23. I think I can’t vote? ‘coz after I clicked the artist I wanted to vote there’s this pop-up and says “bills” or something. Do I have to pay just to vote?

  24. Hello, I have encountered a problem while trying to register. It’s been a hour but i still have not receive my Authentication number. I refreshed my hotmail many times already. can someone help?

  25. Sorry guys. I just scrolled up reading the comments and found out using yahoo instead would solve my problem. yeah. thanks. I have received my authentiication number.

  26. same 4 me..after i click says that password must be english+number, so i tried again..later, it says authentic number not match..but i know that it’s correct..can u help me plzzzzz!!???

  27. This free of charge, not free

    • actually you do need to pay, you have to purchase a coupon that will last a month and this you might be able to vote. Someone correct me on this but that’s what I heard and saw people doing

  28. I don’t know what happened but my vote is not going through… whenever i click on a nominee, there’s this thing that pop up but I don’t know what it means…….. and it’s only squares since I guess i don’t have the korean language installed ='[

  29. hello people, when i done with my voting and clicked on blue button, it popped out a window. this time is not showing me the bill. it wrote “1 byen tu pyu hang mok ei chei hae ju si gi ba rab ni da” sorry for my super lousy hangul. can someone kind enough to explain what is that?

  30. I WAS ABLE TO VOTE WITHOUT PAYING!!! and i was working on how to bypass this whole pop up for 2 days!!


    YOU HAVE TO REPLY TO WHOEVER POSTED THE BYPASS CODE so you can see the hidden code

    pass this around because i see a lot of people who wants to vote but are having problems with this!!!

    • “Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don’t know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information.

      The error returned was:
      Sorry, the link that brought you to this page seems to be out of date or broken”
      This is what i saw when i tried clicking that link, although i register in this page (ygladies). ? Overall, we can’t vote, right?

  31. It’s not free, a lot of people are saying you have to pay and when I tried it gave me a pop up saying something about a bill? With 3 options, I don’t know how you didn’t pay…

  32. The post has been update..please check!

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  34. The nationality doesnt have America??

  35. i pressed foreigner and it still didnt work for me
    and i tried using internet explorer ><

  36. […] How to register on Mnet for 2009 MAMA Award? <— For Foreigners […]

  37. when I vote there is something that will appear what will i press!

  38. i just registered today and i thought its free..we have to pay!

    • yes it’s free…there are ways to avoid the pop ups…plz read the guidleines carefully…there’s a full tutorial by clicking ygladies link that i’ve put at this tutorial

      • i saw the link on ygladies, but it was error because out of date of somthing like that. i tried again and again, but useless

  39. is their a free voting?

  40. I’m having a problem… I got my Authentic number but when i put it on the registration and press save something pops up saying Not Match Authentic NO. What does this mean???

  41. can i give this link to other filipinos who also want to vote?? tnx..

  42. Wnated to vote for M.A.M.A. and acountered the same pop-up problem. Wanted to check the “ways around the problem” but have actually to be registered in the forum. If not a message shows: “Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don’t know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information.”

    Can somebody simply tell me how to get around the pop ups?

  43. WHY is it that when i click save after putting the authentication no. it`ll say “NOT MATCH AUTHENTIC NO.” i`m pretty sure that i`ve put the RIGHT no. because i`ve tried this like sooo many times! pls. help,i want to vote! tnx 🙂

  44. hi there!thank you for your tutorial:)
    i managed to log in but the problem is when i want to start vote,there is a box where it has laptop and bicyle image..i don’t know what to i have to pay for anything?
    thank you:)

  45. sorry i dont understsnd the 9th step after i click on mama award icon when i want to vote i have to click it right???

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  47. Hi! I’m having problem.
    I put the authentic number in, and when I press save it says ID squares than 4 than lots of squares, I don’t know what it means, because my ID would be 94majna and i wrote everything in.
    please help! Thanks!!!

  48. hey hey.. at the last step I dont get it…
    after you clik the mnet award BLUE botton…
    wat’s next… and then I saw this BILL stuff.. i tot it was free in the first place…
    there are 3 choices… there like 5,000 3,000 and 9,000 i think .. idontknow wat to do

  49. o thx i can vote now… but still im just wondering wat is the BILL stuff for .. im just curious .. but i already voted for 2ne1.. ^^
    just curious everytime i clik thye blue botton in the last step.. i saw MONEy or Bill ^^

  50. Hello….thank you so much for the help. I did everything according to the instruction and I even got the email authentication code….the problem is when I try to login after the registration is over it keeps saying my password/ Id don’t match so I tried PSW recovery and got a temporary password on my e-mail and it still says my pass/ID is incorrect….Any idea what’s going on? Thanks for the help!

    • OMG….ok….I figured it out….it took like forever but it seems I sent out the “temp” password email too many times so I just had to get the last one….lol….anyway thank you!

    • hmm r u sure u put the rite password? check wether u press caps lock or not….

  51. i am stuck in autentic no. I already put the number that mnet given and save but it keep asking english or english + number . Gosh so difficult.

  52. what if you already have a account and just need a upgrade code, do you know where i can get the code? or Do i have to register again because this year is MAMA awards? thanks in advance :]

  53. oh dear, i registed in Mnet a long time ago, but i couldn’t vote excluding in Oversea viewers’ award. This page (mnet) force us (foreign fans)pay money for voting. omg. ??????
    And one thing, i still have an account with my gmail, not yahoo mail

  54. i have tried signing up for it and i use internet explorer. but when i tried to get my auth. number, my email never came and im using my yahoo email.
    anybody knowss why?

    • rose, may be u should check again your ID and pass(including number and letter). Check for that Id is whether available or not. And, may be u should check your mail in spam inbox

  55. ooo..hi there
    i got da same prob
    can u give tutorial on how 2 manage the pop ups bill problem
    many has comment bout it please
    but then i hav vote 4 foreigner award..blablabla

  56. it’s not free? DDD:

  57. Thanks a lot! I managed to sign up and vote. But I have a question…is there any way to vote more than once? =P

  58. Thanks a lot for this tutorial! Although I cannot vote for 2NE1 because of the payment process, I will however cheer them on from all the way back here. If you have any news, however, on how to vote without the billing process, please put it up as I would love to vote for them!! Thanks!!

  59. idk what’s going on. I used Internet Explorer and put in a yahoo email, thought maybe the email i used was too old and made a NEW yahoo email and put it in and I still didn’t get the validation email. I even made a gmail account and tried to send it to that and still didn’t get one.

    I’ve checked and changed my ID like five times and I know it’s not in my spam folders. Is it too late to sign up? I don’t care about voting, all I want to do is watch the performances ;3; IDGI

  60. What do I do I used Internet Explorer and yahoo gmail hotmail, and still didn’t get the validation email for auth-number .
    please help me I want to see the videos >> TT
    can anybody made me account ?
    I Will be thankful for you

  61. Hey
    I’m trying to sign up but im waiting for my number to come in the mail. So far its not working. I even created a Yahoo account but nothings coming up. Can you help?

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  63. […]… […]

  64. […] to register on Mnet website for foreigner. It’s the same as the tutorial i’ve made for “2009 MAMA Award” but i’ll just posting up the new one because i just have to give you all the new vibe for […]

  65. how will i know if my votes was counted?

  66. What if i’m using Google Chrome?

  67. hey I have problem…I can’t fill nationality n’ date of birth. I’m in Mongolia… maybe is it invalid country????

  68. umm i tried sending the authentic no. to all of my emails including yahoo and i never got the email….

  69. Okay, i did exactly what you said, but i’m not getting the e-mail at all. It’s also not in my junk either. I clicked it again, & i still haven’t received any E-mail. What to do now?

  70. i cant create my account because when i click the save there’s a pop up that says ENGLISH OR COMBINATION OF ENGLISH AND NUMBER, AT LEAST 6 – 12 CHARACTERS……….

    i tried very simple english still dint work….please help im dying to make an account………..


  72. When I try to register, the nationality and birthdate isn’t showing up! any ideas?

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