2NE1 to appear on Variety show?

Credit: Kbites

Group 2NE1 will be appearing on a talk show for the first time since their debut.

They will be appearing for the 2nd episode of new variety show SBS ‘Strong Heart’ to be aired on 13th October, and they will be showing off their talents hidden all this while. While the girls have appeared on various music shows, this is the first time they are appearing on a variety show.

The PD to the show said, “It is hard to get 2NE1 to appear on the show, and Sandara Park’s appearance has especially shone throughout the show. She was really good at talking, above what we have expected. And also Gong MinJi showed that it is the end of dance competition amongst girlgroups with her dance on the show.”

‘Strong Heart’ is a new concept talkshow with 24 guest appearance in a talk battle format, and the MCs to the show are Kang HoDong and Lee SeungGi. For the 2nd episode, the guest appearances are 2NE1, HyunYoung, Lee EuJung, Hong SeokCheon etc.

The 1st episode aired on 6th October saw the appearances of stars like GDragon, SeungGi, SNSD YoonA, Tablo, Kim TaeWoo, MC Mong etc.

Credit: skn2ne1

~ by ygnxgeneration on October 7, 2009.

3 Responses to “2NE1 to appear on Variety show?”

  1. LOL! the trailer looks so funny. Dara used to show that facial expression on their shows. Congrats to 2NE1 for their first ever guestings on variety show. I just hope they will guest in Family Outing someday.

  2. minzy da best………

  3. 2ne1 Fighting! 🙂 Aww..can’t seem to watch the video, it doesnt work. T.T

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