Custom-Made Beaded Bag


Like the bag??? Read on if you want to get your hands on one~

Our greatest sponsor, Cookie-Bomb is going to go all out on of their special items. If most you don’t know, Cookie-Bomb are great at making beaded items and starting from today, they are going to custom make beaded bag for all of you who would like to have one.

Just go to Cookie-Bomb, and follow the easy step-by step method on how to order a custom-made beaded bag for yourself. It’s real easy and HELLA cheap. It won’t even go over USD $30. It is sold for everyone across the globe!!!

beadedbag-2 beadedbag-3

The item requires great patience and detailing so it will take time for the makers to complete the bag but rest assured that the end product will be AMAZING!!! Here’s the best part, you can walk around town knowing that no one else have the same bag as you.

Visit Cookie-Bomb for more info

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~ by ygnxgeneration on September 24, 2009.

3 Responses to “Custom-Made Beaded Bag”

  1. That’s a really cool bag.
    It looks like it could take forever. [to me it does].

  2. So Cute

  3. PENGE

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