[Download] KIss MV – Dara(2NE1) Feat. CL


Kiss MV (Full Version)

Size: 69.29MB

Download Kiss MV – Dara(2NE1) Feat. CL

~ by ygnxgeneration on September 11, 2009.

9 Responses to “[Download] KIss MV – Dara(2NE1) Feat. CL”

  1. luv it!!!!

    extremely good and fascinating!!!

  2. Hellow Sandy^^

    How aRe u?XD

    yoUr sOooooo TaLentEd..hahaha…XD


  3. love it,thanks a lot ~^^~

  4. thanks for the clip!
    I love Dara and 2NE1 since the 1st time i watched this clip ^^! Fantastic!

  5. they look good with each other.. luv it..!!! arigato!!

  6. thank you for uploading this mv.
    I love it so much..^^

  7. SANDARA is the best!!

  8. This Is A Good Site ^^


    i miss your “MAHAL KO KAYO” with matching wave..

    i love you ever since you came out at star circle quest here in the Philippines.
    You were so adorable, honest and a fighter. A cry baby too.hehe..
    i was really sad when you went back to korea for your studies but i was revived when i saw you again..and in a group 2NE1.. i love your group so much especially you my dear..

    hope for the best and always stay humble as you are and keep safe always!

    hope you’ll have more music videos, movies and guesting…
    i love kiss MV and im sorry where you were featured. i always believe in your acting skills, you improve a lot..

    ..im one of your biggest fan back here in the Philippines. Hope to see you in person. Come back again here. I know a lot from your fans here missed you a lot, like me..

    Take Care then..

    hahaha..goodluck on your career DARA, you will always be our “KRUNG KRUNG SANDARA”!!!
    love you!!!


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