2NE1 Hoodie is NOW Available!!!!


2NE1 Hoodie is Now Available at YGeshop

Price: 55000 KRW

Delivery Charge: Free Shipping

Currency Converter

If you are still not a member at YGeshop you can follow this guidelines to register


~ by ygnxgeneration on September 7, 2009.

28 Responses to “2NE1 Hoodie is NOW Available!!!!”

  1. is it still available..?

  2. i reli want this hoodie…
    is der any ova place we can get it from???

  3. i really want this one..but my parents wont allow me to sign up for something like in the ygshop..omomo…~_~

  4. is it still available modell???

  5. how should i give the payment if ever?

  6. how should i give the payment if ever? i live in australia.

  7. i also like the shirt… but i dont understand anything thats written on ygeshop.

  8. Cool site, love the info.

  9. how much is it? and can i get it somewhere else, i mean i dont understand the website.

  10. heyy!

    is it free shipping?

    and can anyone help me buy?
    i dont understand the website

  11. Hi do you sell it? how much is it?

  12. is this still available?

  13. is it still available??
    how should i give the payment if ever? i’m from the philippines.

  14. is it still available? if it is,,, how can i pay them? i’m a korean that’s living in thailand,,

  15. hi i really want this hoodie but i dont live in korea, anyway for you to help me get it and i you ship it to me? am willing to pay you double the price for it… do let me know!


  17. hi is this still available?? could you please email if it is?

  18. is it still instock ????????

  19. I wanna get it pls………….v v

  20. how much is it here in america?

  21. Is it still available ??
    please reply thanks

  22. is it still available now?

  23. is it still available?

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