2NE1 at Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate

The moment we’ve been waiting for has come!

This is what you ACES have been waiting!

Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate

Credit: codemonmonseason2

On this episode of “Kim JungEun’s Chocolate,” 2NE1 performed a sort of “dedication” performance. Each member in 2NE1 chose a role model that helped them in the direction of being a singer / star and had dedicated a performance to them.

CL showed off her rap abilities by choosing Lauryn Hill, Sandara Park chose Jennifer Lopez, Park Bom chose Beyonce and showed off her sexy dancing and singing. Gong MinJi, famous for her dancing, chose the famousJustin Timberlakeand showed off an elaborate performance.

So far, JunJin, and Lee MinWoo (M) had portrayed Justin Timberlake, and this was one of the rare stages that a girl will be portraying him.

2NE1 will also performed the hit songs “Fire” and “I don’t care”. It is said that they ended the performances cool-y with water falling down on them while singing the song “Fire”. The fans commented that the stages showed off a special side of each of the members.

Here is what they each said about their influence:

  • CL : This was a song that my dad had made me listen to since I was little so I naturally got the influence from it
  • Dara : I liked Jennifer Lopez’s music and her style so she naturally became my role model as I sang along with her music
  • Bom : You don’t even how much I listened to Mariah Carey and Beyonce while I was in America studying. I started buliding my dreams as a signer through them
  • MinJi : For a person like me who like to dance, Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake are my greatest role models. I’m sad that Michael Jackson had to leave the world.

Credit: Kbites


~ by ygnxgeneration on August 30, 2009.

4 Responses to “2NE1 at Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate”

  1. wow!
    this guesting is definitely the most outrageous ever! 2ne1 was really great!

    it seems that they are ready for a consert. 😀

  2. Thank you for the video. Can you please put a subtitle? thank you.

  3. why no try lee minho and sandara for the remake of manga Mischievous Kiss. But okay, will see their chemistry in their upcoming CF.

  4. why did you remove it?

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