Watch 2NE1TV with English Subs!


Watch 2NE1TV with English Subs now!

At YGS21RoyalAceSubs

Subscribe them so that you can get their lates subbed videos.



~ by ygnxgeneration on August 1, 2009.

28 Responses to “Watch 2NE1TV with English Subs!”

  1. your so amazing

  2. your no. 1 i love you 2ne1

  3. Are there any youtube channels or any websites with the full eps of 2NE1 tv with eng subs?


  5. umm how do we find 2ne1tv i really wanna se it soo please someone tell me

  6. hi, i found out that royalaces vids in youtube were removed,.,where can i possibly watch 2ne1 tv with english subs please…thanks

  7. i love u 2ne1 we love u chae lee,bomy.dara min ji

  8. i keep watching all their youtube vids even if i ald see all of it. so plz anyone tell me where can we see all of their updated actv

  9. go sannnnnnnnnndara- park

  10. go sandara-park

  11. I read a few comments and poeple were asking where they could watch the subbed episodes of 2ne1 tv.
    Here they are if you still haven’t found them :

    I was wondering were to download them WITH subtitles… I don’t wanna download them from youtube. So if someone has a link, thank you very much (‘-^).

  12. go 2en1 !!!!

  13. nah. the account has been suspended. :(( no more 2ne1 tv with eng sub. :'((

    2ne1 Fighting!!!

  14. my favorite 2ne1 member is bommie! bomtaro! she’s so fun and acts like a real big sister to the group!

  15. 2ne1 tv rocks!!!
    i love all 2ne1 members!

  16. ah man i’m late. the account has been terminated! is there another source?

  17. showing some love to 2ne1^_^love them all^_^minzy,cl,dara,bom!!!

  18. the user is terminated ~ where can i watch the show other than youtube? thanks! 😀

  19. i love 2ne1

  20. where can i watch the full episode with english subs?thanks.. those accounts mentoined above are all suspended.. T_T

  21. can someone tell me where i can watch 2ne1tv season 1 with english sub, i search it youtube but its not complete episode can someone tell me,.. i’m searching it in a very very long time

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