How to register at YGeshop for Foreigners? <– Find it out HERE!


YGeshop is now open for foreigners!

Thanks to BB Fansite for the infos.

I’ll just explain it one by one.

YGeshop is going to provide shipping for 13 countries now(don’t know they will add more,will update it)

Here’s the list of 13 countries:

1. Taiwan
2. Malaysia
3. U.S.A
4. Vietnam
5. Singapore
6. Australia
7. Indonesia
8. Japan
9. China (People’s Rep.)
10. Macao
11. China (Hong Kong)
12. Thailand
13. Phlipines


(Open it with Internet Explorer)

Do not open it with any other browsers.


First step:

Click JOIN


2nd Step:

Click for Foreigners


3rd step:

Click Foreigners live in oversea/ Korea


4th step:

Fill in necessary info


You may need to upload your scanned ID Card (Social Security/Passport) in order for them to aprrove you as a member.

5th step:

Registration will take 1 day to process

Step EXPLAIN! if u don’t get the picture!


  1. Click Join
  2. Choose button: For Foreigners
  3. Click Foreigners live in overseas/in Korea
  4. Fill in the necessary info.
  5. You may need to upload your scanned ID Card (Social Security/Passport) in order for them to aprrove you as a member.
  6. The registration will take 1 day to process.

Credit: YGeshop



~ by ygnxgeneration on July 28, 2009.

166 Responses to “How to register at YGeshop for Foreigners? <– Find it out HERE!”

  1. Thanks A LOT for this!

  2. hi. i already made it into the yg ehsop, but my new problem is how to order. aww. tried it many times but since i’m not quite sure about what’s written, i can’t proceed and place an order. if anyone can order, will you put up a tutorial? thanks a bunch!!! ^^

  3. hello, ive signed up but can’t log in.
    i scanned my ID card image but i cropped it.
    cutting away the informations.
    is it the cause of why i can’t log in?
    help please? (:

  4. thanks for the tutorial!

    UGH. i submitted all my info, and its been two days,
    and when i try to log in i still get the
    “The administrator’s approval is needed before you use.”
    does anyone know why? :/ it’s only supposed to take one day. wah i want my heartbreaker album T_T

  5. […] To register to YGeshop you can follow the guideline HERE […]

    • Excuse me, but what does ID No. mean? Can I just choose one to my liking or is it based on something? Do I also have to use a scanned image of my Passport/ID Card, or can I just take a picture of it (I don’t have a scanner)?

  6. Social security and passport? Both? Or just one? @.@ does it need the picture? I mean the photo of the passport? O.o help!!!!!

    • Just one….either ur ID Card or passport…u need to scan the ID….coz they will ask to upload the scan id/passport when registering

  7. […] To register to YGeshop you can follow the guideline HERE […]

  8. hey…. i’m from malaysia and i wanna register.. can i scan my IC card?? or passport?

  9. hey is it my passport number or my IC number?

  10. Can it be use Driver Lisence??

  11. […] you are still not a member at YGeshop you can follow this guidelines to register Leave a Comment No Comments Yet so far Leave a comment RSS feed for comments on […]

  12. Hi, I am trying to sign up for registration and Ive given my passport as my identification. While trying to fill up the ID card box, it always say please check your ID. My passport number’s begin at alphabet so why I still can’t proceed to the next step. It frustrates me now. I want to purchase the hoodie and the mini album so bad. Pls help. Thank u lots!!

  13. do this registration need other than IC number ?
    btw, do i hv to scan the whole IC card ?

  14. do this registration need other than IC number ?
    btw, do i hv to scan the whole IC card ? TQ

  15. hiii i wanna order a 2ne1 hoodie but the thing is im from boston soo can it be send over seas n how much is it :]

  16. i don’t know if i can do this or not. is it possible for someone to order one for me in my size and i will pay you back by banking-in the money to your account or something. i don’t a credit card, not allowed to. =s grateful if someone could reply to me. email me at


  17. *i don’t have a credit card

  18. What is a Id Number and ID card name?

  19. I dont hav a credit card either.How much is the jacket?

  20. If anybody knows tell me at

  21. hi… just wanna ask… how do i upload my ID? the picture is in ‘my pictures’ folder in my documents, but when i click search and click on the picture, the pathway that appears is ‘C:\fakepath\Image082.jpg’
    can anyone help? thanks

    • Here is the answer that works.

      Internet Explorer; Tools; Internet Option; Security; Custom; find the “Include local directory path when uploading files to a server” (it is quite a ways down) and click on “Enable”

  22. they should also add germany thats annoying i’m a fan and can’t buy their things ><

  23. i was wondering, do you HAVE to put a social security card/passport, or can you use a drivers license/identification card? cuz im not comfortable putting my social security card up and i dont have a passport

    • Yup…it’s for administration. dont worry ur information wont be leaked out.

      • y do they need people’s ssn?? wouldn’t that be to personal….can a state ID work i would feel better with that

  24. hi~~just wanna ask, can i take a picture of my passport? or have to be scanned?>.<

  25. Hello.
    Thanks for the tutorial.
    I have a question, after I enter the information and upload my image and click confirm, a window pops up after saying this
    “파일 업로딩에 실패하였습니다.”

    I used google translator and it says it means the image failed to upload.
    What could I be doing wrong?

  26. when i try to sign up, i got this message:

    help please!!!

  27. help please… no matter how many time i try it keeps giving me an “file failed to upload” message. have they closed the registraion for foreign customers? i need to order before it hits decembers so i can give them as x-mas presents…. 😦

    • Try to use Apple’s Safari internet browser.
      I was in the same situation as you.
      I tried firefox, but it didn’t work, so I installed Safari and successfully uploaded my ID picture.
      It may say “File failed to upload” a few times, but it should work after a few times.
      Hope this helps!

  28. Can you help me how to purchase acapella songs from YG Music?
    I already Join, but i don’t know where to put my Credit Card number.
    I have “American Savings Bank Debit Card” can i use it?
    PLease Help!!!

  29. How do you get past the “Please check your ID’? i tried everything…. thanks for the help! =]

    • never mind… i got past it. =] now i just have to wait…

      • Hi, I was wondering how you got past the “Please check your ID” part. I can’t seem to get past it and it would be very helpful if you could let me know.

    • Put Your Desired ID in the box, then press the botton next to it.
      Hope this helps!

      • I did that, but a message pops up, saying that it has to begin with an alphabetic character..I don’t get it.

  30. Can we use school I.D’s ?
    My parents won’t let me use my SSN and I don’t feel safe using it either.

  31. Hey,is this the only place where i can get the 2ne1 hoodie?

  32. Hi, I am trying to sign up for registration and Ive given my passport as my identification. While trying to fill up the ID card box, it always say please check your ID. My passport number’s begin at alphabet so why I still can’t proceed to the next step. It frustrates me now. I want to purchase the hoodie and the mini album so bad. Pls help. Thank u lots!! [quoted from lush_liz]
    I have the same problem too.could you please help me out?
    Thanks a lot!

    • yeah just put your desire id and click the button next to it.
      it will tell you whether the id that you type is available or not.

  33. UMM.. yeah how old do have to be to join the YGeShop… Cuz idk if I send my ID or my parents??? PLzz reply soon . Thanks a bunch ^_^

  34. I dont have a passport, and we dont have social security cards in Australia. Now I dont know what to do 😦

  35. I wonder if I scanned my drivers license or university card they would accept it?

  36. so, i followed all what u said.
    but i’m stuck at 03 membership form.
    it’s asking for id. but everytime i’m entering my desire username. it says start with alphabet, something like that. what should i type? :O

  37. nevermind. overcome it already. i have to reload the page. sigh!

  38. uhhm., what is exactly the id no. ? sorry i am a newbie here

  39. hello, thankyou for the inromation! but I have a question: you say that it takes 1 day to proccess, do they send you a email or somthing then? =)

  40. but when u order how do u input the address and phone number?

  41. […]… […]

  42. I’m from France can i also order the deluxe of SOLAR ?

    • NO,
      its only going to be in korea u can not pre-order online! i know its sucks right! but if u know any korea friend n they are kind enough to get u one u will be fine! but the deluxe is not to pre-order!

  43. Excuse me, but I have a question on my ID No. Do I have to choose a ID No. to my liking, or is it based off of something? Also, do I have to upload a scanned image of my passport, or can I just take a picture of it using my webcam or something (I don’t have a scanner)?

  44. Hey guys ive been trying to sign up to become a YGeShop memeber for sometime now but i cant seem to get it. I scanned my passport, and enter my id # but it didnt work, i click sumber a small window popped up with some writing in Korean and then i was takening back to the register page again

    Can any one help me?

  45. Hey guys i really need help with this, i did exactly and followed the steps exactly as it said but i didnt couldnt get to work. please help

    • u have to use ur social securty not ID card!

      • I have also been trying over and over again, with both my social security card and also my driver’s license & with 2 different browsers (IE & firefox) & I cannot get it to work, either.

        I am getting really frustrated! Must I download every browser in existence just to register on this one site? This is really ridiculous. Someone please help! Just what are we doing wrong??? Is there a magic trick? Does the file need to be in some specific format (i.e., jpeg)?

        I have never encountered a more frustrating experience, trying to register for this site.

  46. I tried to register on Big Bang’s site by using my Identification card instead of a passport or social security card. Is that ok? I registered about 4 days ago and still nothing. D:

  47. wait so there’s no way for people outside of Korea to get thier hands on the deluxe Version?
    Any one in korea nice and kind enoguh to pick me up a copy?

    • i have tried to register ..haven’t u??
      just try few times..
      n it can be done then.. ^.^

  48. Is the membership free?

  49. i’m malsysian but living in india..
    if they were asking for ‘country’
    should i pick india or malaysia????

  50. gahhhhhh .
    Canada please

  51. What’s the ID number? O.O

    cuz i can help u too many of ur question here n im confuse so EMAIL ME instead!

  53. #87. vipforever, I tried to send you a mail but it didn’t take. 😦

    Can anybody tell me how to get my image to upload successfully? Like so many people, I keep getting that “file failed to upload message” even after trying #30. jasminelxh’s suggestion to modify Internet Explorer’s security options.

    Is there something I’m not doing right?

  54. Hey guys, is there anyone out there in Korea who would kindly help me get a copy of Taeyang’s Solar Deluxe Edition? I’ll pay for all the expenses! Shipping and everything! I bet alot of us overseas really want to get our hands on it….we could do a bulk purchase and overseas shipping 🙂

    Please get back to me at !!!

  55. […] to order: How to Register for YGe-shop for Foreigners Follow instructions on the above site to obtain an account on YGeshop if you don’t have one […]


    email me

    i keep confirming but it’s not taking it. i keep returning to the JOIN screen. WHATS WRONG?!?!?! )=

  57. this is pissing me off. i can’t get pass the “id thing” on the membership form. it’s really annoying. anyone, help please? 😦

  58. i can’t open in my internet explorer.. huhuhhu

  59. #91. vipforever,

    I sent you a message. Thanks so much for your offer to help us out! Here’s hoping we can all register successfully. 🙂

  60. umm do u know if they accept high school id’s? probably not huh…. 😛

  61. I’m not comfortable putting my social into this…I’m in the US…if someone could please purchase the deluxe CD I’d be glad to pay all expenses necessary for it!

  62. It would probably be helpful if I left my email if someone were willing to do this… >.<


  63. hey everyone i have a question i’ve reigester with ygeshop already but im still waiting for them to complete it well they send me an email

  64. Hi! I registered and everything. I asked my older brother to use his information since i don’t have a passport or anything like that. He used his driver license and everything worked out, we finished the process correctly. I’m trying to the buy Tae yang’s deluxe CD edition of “SOLAR”, I didn’t know you needed to have a membership thing on YG? So we finished everything on Mon. 28 since the deluxe edition only sells on july 1st. I checked today but they just keep popping this up: 등록된 아이디가 아닙니다!!
    So it might take more than one day for the process??? T^T
    I hope it goes through by tomorrow so i can order my T.Y CD!!!!

  65. Thank you VIPfrover..i finally got happy.
    what time can we start the pre-order i live in PST Cali.
    so what time would it be

  66. can’t i just take a picture of my ID?

  67. Do We have to be 18 to be a member? I don’t have an ID?

  68. is the shipping still only for these 13 countries?

  69. Hi, I made the account and everything, it works! but the huge problem is that it only works in the main ygfamily page 😦 when I try to order something on YGEshop it wont let me login…

  70. Just in case anyone was still wondering…

    I just completed my registration and was accepted by an admin. I’m from the US and I used my driver’s license as my form of ID so you don’t have to scan your SS card or passport >.<

    The only thing that was a little confusing was the second step after you upload the image of your ID. The first text line at the top says ID, and right next to it there is a little clickable button in Korean. It's really asking for your desired username. It has to be in all lowercase, then click the button in Korean and if the username is available, it should say something like "This username is ok." From there you can submit your info. If you don't do this, every time you hit SUBMIT it'll ask you to "check your id."

  71. […] How to Register in YGESHOP? LEARN HERE  […]

  72. tanung kuh lang pu kUng ganO katagaL ung shipping d2 sa pinas? 🙂

  73. hi i signed up for the website to buy songs in the site. i have bought 2 singles and a full package of a song but right after i make a purchase, an error message comes up. i dont know what it is. could someone help? please and thanks.

  74. […] I knew it! As soon as I saw YB wear this during his concert I knew YG would somehow end up selling it. I said it in one of the concert threads at iBB unfortunately can’t find it now. The only thing that pisses me off is once again not being able to buy this. As an international fan YGeshop naturally doesn’t ship to Canada and only ships to a few selected countries.. […]

  75. What if Im underage and I dont have any ID besides my school ID?

  76. hey sorry to bother but do u know if yg shop takes pay pal

  77. Hi,

    I managed to order something from YGeshop. I checked with my credit card it says the money/transaction went through alr but i have not received any confirmation email from YGeshop. I tried to write in to ask, but there’s simply no response from them. On my delivery page, there isn’t an EMS number for me to track the delivery status, just an order number. Do you have any idea what’s happening? did my order went thru? Thanks!

  78. Ok tis is goin to sound stupid but i forgot my password for my yge account!!! Any1 knows how to retreive it? I hv no idea how to read the stuff on the passsearch function next to the login buttion

  79. […] CLICK HERE […]

  80. how long does it take for the admin for approve for you guys ?
    i waited for whole day 😦

  81. i like 2ne1 they are really awesome! more power to them

  82. Hey I’m from USA and people adviced me that you shouldn’t give out your ID . HElp :((((

  83. Oh yeah !

    Hi, I’m from france, so my english is not perfect. My english isn’t really good…and the website is in Korean : Big problem for me ! So, if someone can help a heartbreaker girl to check online this fucking card, so please come to me !! Because, I need simple words to understand and patience 🙂

  84. hi! im still a bit confused what will i scan a yg id card or a passport/sss card, and does the sss needs to have a picture?

  85. Just in case you were curious….

    I too had a problem registering with YGE shop. I couldnt for the life of me get them to accept the ID that I wanted… I just kept getting an error message that said “Check ID”. If you are getting this error you HAVE TO PUT YOUR ID IN ALL LOWERCASE LETTERS! When I did this my error message changed to “That ID does not use D”…. I didnt know what the hell that meant, so I decided to change my password to all lowercase as well and BOOM! It went through.

    Waiting on my admin approval. Hope this helped.

  86. What should I type for the ID in the third step?

  87. I took a full photo of my ID card (since that’s the only thing we have) and gave my ID number, and full name and stuff. but the problem is, I can’t seem to click “CONFIRM”. it doesn’t go through. Is something wrong here?

  88. i wan’t to buy 2ne1 hoodie, but everytime i fill my delivery address and want to click “pay” nothing happens…help please. thx

  89. I keep getting a “That does not use B” message on the 3rd page. I even tried using the letter B for the ID and it still hates me. What am I supposed to be doing? 😦

  90. Hi, I’ve never bought anything online. Does item get delivered directly to my residence? If so, will I be informed of the delivery date and time? What if I’m not at home to receive the item? I live in Singapore:)


    • the items will delivered directly to your house(the address you input in your registered info). if you’re not at home, you need to collect it at the post office? they will leave a receipt, if not ask your family to collect for you. 🙂

  91. i forgot my username and password for ygestore, how do i get them to send it back to me?
    i somehow found the ‘lost password’ page, but i can’t translate it since it isn’t text TT

  92. When you say ID, I’m a student, so does that mean my student ID ?
    And how old do you have to be to register ?

  93. this is alot of info u need to register…. passport #.. ssn#..passport picture… plus i cant read hangul so yea… there should b an easier way for VIPS to register… i did really want BIGBANGS 2011 dvd ;-(

  94. please i want to know if they accept pay pal.,, i don’t have credit cards.,, 😦

  95. guys .,, what does it mean ??? �씠誘� �벑濡앸맂 �븘�씠�뵒�엯�땲�떎
    wahhhh.,, I really want to cry now.,, its frustrating mehhh.,, please someone help .,,

  96. anyone knows how to get back my id and pw?
    i totally cant remember any of them and the help page… i dont really understand.

  97. Hey, just wanted to let people know that if they’re having trouble on Firefox, it might just be the browser. I had to complete my registration with Internet Explorer because it wasn’t going through on Firefox at all. Good luck!

  98. Hi,

    I have a question, do you have to pay to download the music? And if so how much will it cost America money?

  99. I regis YGeshop today but they change webpage so I don’t know how to upload my passport. TT

  100. if i don’t have a scanner can i take a picture instead?

  101. Hey guys i live in america. i just like literally just registered and they ddnt need my ssn or passport. i got registered right away!! i dont kno if its the same as you guys tho


  103. If i already scanned the id card what websites should i send to ? 😀

  104. i cannot find auth code,even in my mail,whereto find the spam list?

  105. I just registered without id/passport scan right away! and i already purchased their album BIG BANG special edition online from YG eshop!

  106. sorry,i’m from malaysia…for along time i’m waiting to buy the 2ne1 hoodie…i don’t know how to use the id card/passport

  107. i heard that we need to download KCP pluggin to make payment . May i know how to download and where to download it?

  108. This is useless now. It’s not the same as it was in 2009. The site is different. 😦

  109. Судья дредд смотреть онлайн

  110. pareja de curiosos busca experimentar

  111. hi im ain and im from malaysia…ive had already register but i still cant log in…

  112. Hi guys, I’m sorry for disturbing you but I ordered one goods from G-Dragon’s new album (ONE OF A KIND), and I’d like to know if someone knows how long it takes to receive my order? I’m from France… Thank you!

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