Final Goodbye~

2NE1 wraps up their ‘Fire’ promotional performance today on SBS Inkigayo as they prep up for their new single promotion releasing July 1st. The final performance was just uber ‘coolness’ complete with ne moves and choreography and a clearer view of their heels.

I am in awe today. This week has been a total roller coaster ride with breaking news of the death of Michael Jackson, wanting to check up on 2NE1’s ‘Umbrella’ performance and many more. They probably didn’t make much of an impact at KBS on Friday and was I damn glad they weren’t around to witness the big lighting accident that day (Heard so many other artistes had minor injuries and traumas and one even passed out~). But they didn’t fail us this time.

They girls looked pretty tired since last week possibly they have been practicing all night and day for their upcoming mini-album promotions. Their energy may not have change but we can see physically the girls are a little tired. However, cool performance with cooler moves. Loving them shoes!!! And Minzy’s white jacket of course. I know it’s from Martin Margiela but it’s so hard to find the exact design!!! Bom little trick with those card were totally cute…would’ve been a really cool part if Bom did it flawlessly but hey, it was the first time she’ doing that. The mistake was understandable. CL was uber adorable when she laid her head on the floor. She looked like she want to stay there forever. And Dara, well I leave you guys to comment about, I got nothing bad to say that’s for sure~ Today’s performance was really good but I hope YG don’t reel the girls too hard because they really do look very tired and I don’t want another TOP and Seung Ri accident happening on my girls.

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~ by ygnxgeneration on June 28, 2009.

11 Responses to “Final Goodbye~”

  1. i dont think they’re really that tired… compared to other artist that perform on every effin music show they only perform once a week 😀 so that they wont be dead tired and their song wont be overplayed…. good job YG on you artists =]

  2. my gosh minzy and CL…boom and dara as always very pretty GOSH 2NE1 GO GO GO !!! CANT WWAIT FOR “I DONT CARE”

  3. I love them better from day to day! ❤
    Great performance!

  4. I feel embarrassed when I see CL’s playboy poses :p


    but they were very energetic even Bommie ❤

  5. Oh my. 😀
    This performance is my most favorite.

    They had cooler moves.
    And gosh, BOM. I love the cards effect.

    2NE1 Fighting!

  6. this is really one of their best performance. I love how they ended the fire promotion with a BANG!

    CL and Minzy got all the moves, while Bom and Dara brings cuteness and [for the lack of a better term] the ‘awww’ factor in the group! 2ne1 match so well with each other!

  7. WHAT IS CL YELLING instead of Switch it up or whatever she says?!

    • She’s not exactly yelling. It’s just she’s mad excited bout their performance cuz she just loves the song shes not yelling

      • lol I know. But what is she saying.
        I have seen sullejuna and some other stuff, but it sounds like Switch it up and now its different.

  8. I dont know wut Bom did wrong with the cards, its perfect! I notice only Bom gets hate on this fansite for some odd reason, Ive caught ENOUGH mistakes by other members, but no one gets it harder then BOM!? Anyways, this is the BEST performance, and there is absolutely NO other group out there right now that can mess with 2ne1. They can Dance,Sing and they all have something unique that everyone likes! I will def purchase their first album!

  9. better than the 26th.
    dara’s second best performance.

    i love these girls & the song~
    i’m kind of sad to see it go =(
    but then again, i’m really anticipating their next song~

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