Admins’ Siggies

Hello everyone!

As you all know(some may not know yet) YGNXGENERATION has 5 sites for 2NE1.Our main site is wordpress fansite.Which is this one.

Our other sites are:

  • 2NE1 Forum – You can see the banner at the side
  • 2NE1 Myspace
  • 2NE1 Facebook
  • 2NE1 Gallery

All our sites are handling by our lovely YGNXGENERATION staffs.

  • WordPress site by me(Tasha) and Fatin aka fatindabomb.I’m going to be handling all the graphics at this site and posting all 2NE1 live performance. Fatin is going to post news about the girls but sometime i’m going to post the news too.
  • Forum and Myspace are handling by Jewels.
  • Facebook by Me
  • 2NE1 gallery by Ameeh.

So yeah i’m goin to introduce Fatin’s and my signatures to all of you.So that you guys know who’s post every posting.




my banner

My siggie doesn’t have any pictures coz i don’t have any favourite in 2NE1.Love them all.As from Big Bang i’m goin to say Bae oppa lol. But nevermind i love my siggie anyway.

Thank you for visiting our sites.

More info, 2NE1 Fashion site is handling by Fatin too.Hope you guys be patient coz it’s not easy finding things that 2ne1′ wearing.You can ask for request but she cannot promise that she will get the infos ASAP.Their fashion is awesome,wicked,slick…and they are hard to find.

Thanks again!

If you guys have any questions don’t hesitate to ask us.We’ll try to reply it.

By mysiggie-tasha

~ by ygnxgeneration on June 26, 2009.

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