2NE1 Project

Hello everyone!

Another project for 2NE1 is ON!

A collab with YGladies.

Well the project is Fan Book.

How to do it?

You just need to send message for 2NE1 to us.



  • The maximum amount of words is 50 and no more than that.
  • Messages MUST BE in English or Korean.
  • You may submit ONE message for the ENTIRE group.
  • You MAY NOT include personal info (i.e. addresses, phone #s, emails, etc.). The only personal info you can (not required to) include is your name and your state/province & country.
  • Send your message in this format:




  • and send it to our email ygnxgeneration@hotmail.com
  • We will send all the messages to YGladies.

Come and join the project.Show 2NE1 some love from their fans.

Thank you.


~ by ygnxgeneration on June 26, 2009.

4 Responses to “2NE1 Project”

  1. will 2ne1 themselves ever see this though? just want to know

    • We will be sending this FanBook to YG.But we can’t guarantee they’re goin to read your message at anytime soon coz of their busy scheduler..so keep ur fingers crossed and hope for the best…Fighting!
      Send them a message and show your love.

      • in the message can we say something in tagalog for sandara park? just a simple hello in tagalog? hehe

      • well the rules already stated whether in english or korean…hmmm…ok..
        just a simple word….

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