2NE1 Bringing the UMBRELLA

090626 2NE1 on Music Bank

Download Umbrella Perf

Hey kiddies, here I am…sorry for my late comments of the girls performance. A bit preoccupied with MJ’s death and trying to get as much update about it as possible (he’s my idol!!! Real sad he’s gone T~T). Anyways, about the girls, well, vocally I think the girls did wonderful with the cover of ‘Umbrella’ and they totally exuberates their sexy appeal to the audience. However, there was something lacking. Perhaps maybe they overdid it and also because of the lack of ummph in their choreography. The choreography was pretty good in the beginning but it sort of falter after the remix begins. Also, I think their shoes weren’t appropriate enough for the performance. I mean, they should have worn those killer heels rather than platform sandals. I think~ I mean with killer heels I bet the performance will look extra sexi~~errrrrr. Oh, the rain effect was UBER COOLNESS!!! And notice how Bom pretend like the rain from Minzy’s umbrella didn’t even fall on her hand??? She’s so good and professional. That’s showWO-manship, ya’ll. Oh yeah, notice the MJ pic they had. I’m a sheer genius because I used the same photo for YGNXGENERATION’s condolences message to MJ. LOL!!! Happy!!!

Download “Fire Perf

For the ‘Fire’ performance, gotta love CL with her respect speech for Dear MJ. I really miss him!!! They are a bit lacking for today. Especially at the end. I’;m thrilled CL and Minzy managed to keep up the energy till the end but Dara and Bom was a bit out of place. Also, how professional was Minzy and Dara for acting so nonchalant? I thought that was uber perfect and to be honest if none of you pointed out about the little glitch if Dara, I wouldn’t have noticed. Goes to show how professional and made-for-stage these girls are. YG really put the girls into hyper training before they debut them, that’s why their stage performances improves all the time. So this is their last performance for ‘Fire’ in Music Bank but make way for their new single everyone.

P/S: Thank God, the girls weren’t around during the big lighting accident at the end of the show. I would have been worried sick about our girls’ condition.

Credit: 2NE1 Fansite



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~ by ygnxgeneration on June 26, 2009.

12 Responses to “2NE1 Bringing the UMBRELLA”

  1. GOOSEBUMPS in umbrella’s perf….

  2. Woo~ cool umbrella performance! Watched it twice. Lol
    MJs death brings a big impact to d world. Even 2NE1 gave their respect to him. =)

  3. wow as always A W E S O M E !!!
    and btw did you guys notice dara slip/bump to minzy and she almost fell good thing minzy hold her and then they acted like nothing happened GOSH SOOOO PROFESSIONAL !!!

  4. another great performance FROM 2NE1
    great clothes, remix, choreography and execution<3333
    how can 2ne1 pull off such a sexy image w/o looking so trying hard and slutty?
    they carry themselves very well w/ an astounding touch of class and sophistication
    I'm impress BIG TIME;)

  5. I noticed dara almost slipping and minzy holding her… I kept my eyes on them the whole time after that to see their reaction, but they remained composed and professional! I love it!!!

    Love the clothes and some of the new steps for fire. The umbrella performance was WOW. I love how CL mentioned MJ in the beginning of FIre.

    ByeBye Fire… Hello I DON’T CARE!!! ❤

  6. didn’t love the umbrella performance, although they definitely rocked those outfits.
    mad props to CL for paying respects to MJ

    did Bom seem particularly tired to anyone?

  7. Choreagraphy for umbrella was poor….but I still like them!

  8. what a great performance… nice stage but there seems to be a little problem with the choreography this time… Dara bumped into Minzy and at the last part, Dara and Bom didn’t join Cl and Minzy on the walking-finale part… but anyways… It was cool…

    I LOVE THE UMBRELLA COVER!!! nice rain effects…

  9. yea, i realised Bom looked really tired in the fire perf. she looked like she had no more energy to carry on dancing.

  10. To all 2NE1 fans,(like me)

    I read on youtube comments that you may Vote Everyday! for 2NE1 song – FIRE in Pops in Seoul at Arirang through Internet.


    Now I just can’t wait for their next single too! 2NE1 fighting! Peace to everyone! ^_^

  11. thank you

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