Dara: Mabuhay! Ang saya saya ko nagyon (Hello! I’m really happy right now)
Bom: I’m really happy right now lets have fun.
Minzy: “Minna-san Aitai” (I miss everyone/I wanna see everyone In Japanese)
CL: CL fantastique

Yay! Each of them speak in different language. Dara has not forgot Tagalog Language. Bom speaks in english. Minzy the maknae speaks in Japanese..Kawaii ne~…lol…CL speaks in French…But i still wanna hear she speaks French..other phrases…lol..I thought she would say “Boujour~”..etc…

Lol..Fortunately,thanks to Fatin-unnie for the heads up about CL speaks a glimpse of French on CHJ Radio.

Credit: sujupexonly13cris

At 1:17 .

More under the cut

Well this video when the DJ ask “Who’s your favourite member in Big Bang?”

They said all Big Bang members are GREAT.

But the host insist them to choose.

Dara and CL picked G-Dragon.

Bom and Minzy picked Tae Yang.

lol..I know they all love their sunbaes alot.

Come on~

YG Family!


~ by ygnxgeneration on June 21, 2009.

One Response to “2NE1,Multi-Language”

  1. well if you catch 2NE1 during CHJ Radio Show, you’ll catch a glimpse of CL speaking more French~

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