Backstage with 2NE1

If you can’t get enough of 2NE1, well here’s a dish of 2NE1 backstages captions during their SBS Inkigayo performance on 31st May 2009. It was during their 2nd appearance on stage performing Fire and you can tell how close these girls are from the pictures. Drool if you must if you have a rush on any of them or all of them. I’m liking these girls more and more although CL’s hair is a little well too GD, but she’s cute~

Picture credits to allkpop

More pictures under the cut~

~ by ygnxgeneration on June 9, 2009.

9 Responses to “Backstage with 2NE1”

  1. aw, the pictures don’t show ):
    only says “this image hosted at allkpop”

    but thanks for posting this up 🙂 i read this everyday

  2. ooo! LOL what’s wrong with CL’s hairstyle? She’s like a female version of GD! =D But whatever! They still rock! X]

  3. can someone tell me where the fashion site here before of 2ne1? i forgot the url, i’m looking for it here and every where still i can’t find anything…

  4. i wan bom’s shoes?!?!?!?


    i think u meant this?
    2NE1 fashion is really cool!

  6. I love their make-up and clothes!!!
    each member of 2NE1 is so stylish!!!!!
    2NE1 rocks!!

  7. i realli agree with Mangacrazy_V ! when i first saw the performance , i looked at her hair and i realised it was like GD , so cute !(:

  8. I REALLY LOVE 2NE1. .ESPECIALLY Sandara Park. . .I LOVE HER. .If only there is a chance, , i want to meet them all. . personally. . .And if, they will have a concert here in the Philippines. .


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