CL ‘With demo tape, knocked on YG’s door with no particular plan.

Q1. Birthday?
26th February 1991

Q2. Birth Place?

Q3. Concept of dream?
A dream of cockroaches coming non-stop out of a music tape.

Q4. Talent?

Q5. Hobby?
Shopping and drawing

Q6. Personality?
Perfect Ideologist

Q7. Habits?

Q8. Family Relations
Parents and younger sister

Q9. Career history and experiences?

SBS Music festival, rapping on stage with YG family and also featuring in Uhm Jung Hwa Sunbae’s song ‘DJ’
Q10. How did you decide to become a singer?
My father likes music so i naturally decided to be one.

Q11. How did you get accepted to YG entertainment?
I went to YG entertainment with a demo tape and waited for YG. Because of that i got a chance to audition and became a YG Family member.

Q12. Your training process?
From 2006, i learned to sing, dance also japanese etc.

Q13. When did you want to give up the most?
I had a slump condition, but did not have a time where i wanted to give up.

Q14. Did your parents go against your decision?
My parents wanted me to do what i wanted to do.

Q15. Team Position?
Leader, rapper, vocal

Q16. Your first impression of the members?
Dara’s image in “human theatre” was big, Bom an unnie who can sing well and Minji cute little girl.

Q17. I want to be like the members in what way?
Minji’s power, Bom’s passion for singing and Dara’s tidy-ness.

Q18. My biggest interest?
Music and Fasion

Q19. Favourite music?
Trendy music, Soul, old school hiphop, R&B

Q20. Role Model?
Madonna, Lauren Hill, even though they have different styles, i respect their originality.

Q21. Message to the supporting fans?
I was touched by the number of fans who came to our debut stage. I will try harder and show you a more trying hard side of mine. Please watch over me.

Source: original article
Credits: cookieMuncher@ for translations


2NE1 Interview Series – CL

“18 year old leader” speaks four languages… even composes
“we will show you our colors”

It seems like we are seeing a runaway train. After the 6 days debut, the top rookies in the women’s groups, 2ne1 who is grabbing all the charts is literally. No one knew the curiosity for the girls like their debut song <Fire> would arouse. CL, park bom, park Sandra, gong minji, cause higher interests than ever. Topics in the center line will introduce them one by one. The 18 year old, the 2ne1 rapper CL does not act her age, but gives the feeling of maturity. Although there are unnies, she is put in the role of the leader. The YG yang hyunsuk (representative) told the audience: “you have to watch them closely.”, but it was not a special order. It was three years ago that she has knocked on the doors of YG entertainment. She made a demo and infront of the YG entertainment and waited for few days. She put the CD inside Y hyunsuk’s hand and told him “you have to listen to this”, so she got to be known as the fearless singer. “I told you. With the confidence that came out of somewhere, and I said ‘you have to listen to this’ many times. I also threatened which were not threats about if you do not listen to this, ‘you will regret it’. When I reminiscence, I laugh thinking about where the confidence came from.” Inside the CD was CL singing and dancing to Beyonce’s <Dangerous in Love>. Of course, he contacted the girl who said ‘please find my talent’. After one week, YG contacted CL and she got the message that he wanted to see her perform one more time, and that’s how it started. She was born into a tight disposition. ( ? ) Following her father, from the 2 years old to second grade, she spent her life in japan, and after living in france, she was naturally developed into variety of cultures. Including Japanese, she is fluent in English and French. She is very interested in fashion and art. She is currently into the study of lyrics and also composing. “When I don’t have practice, I go to dongdaemoon and study the current fashion. I like unique things (clothes). I also wear clothes that I remake. (Sandra park who is next to me said while hitting me, ‘let’s tell everyone it can even be used on the cover of the next album‘) It is still embarrassing even to sing.” Her dream is that she will stand on a 2ne1 performing stage. “I have the most greed of showing everyone what our true colors are. I want our own concert soon. We can even show our own talents in the concert. I hope that day will come soon.”

Source :  HERE

translation: euniicutiee @

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10 Responses to “CL ‘With demo tape, knocked on YG’s door with no particular plan.”

  1. CL is so cute.
    i hope she will succed and 2ne1 as well.
    they deserve to be the best.
    CL and 2ne1 hwaiting!

  2. CL always Blew me away…. what the girl can speak 4 languages in 19th o nooo..

  3. whoa talk about determination.
    GO CL AND 2NE1! 😀

  4. (T_T) Can’t find Minzy and Dara’s Interview!

  5. me either! 😦
    i want dara & minji interview.
    anyway, is it true that minji si super close
    w/ dara? and if its real im super happy bout that
    cuz im a huge fan of that two.

  6. …2ne1..! u rock guyz..! go dara ur my favorite..!
    u rock girl….

  7. I love her 😉



  10. how long did she stay in France?

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