Sandara Park Draws Attention~

Sandara Park’s “Sexy Pictorial” in Philippines Draws AttentionApril 9, 2009


Female Big Bang 2NE1 member Sandara Park (age 25) has gained overwhelming interest from fans and netizens over a sexy pictorial.

In the July/August 2006 issue of Philippines men’s magazine UNO, Sandara Park was published with dark makeup and a black corset, with a whip in her hand and posing.

Upon seeing these, netizens said, “It’s like a different person,” “It’s erotic,” and “I’m surprised,” among other reactions.

Credit: Break News, Star News + heygingersnap@YGLadies.comPlease do not add or remove any credits. Thanks!


Upon seeing this news, I hereby would like to apologize to Sandara Park & YG Entertainment on behalf of the admins of this site. We did not realized that this post would succumb to humiliate or to disgrace any party.

This pictures were taken in 2006 and it was long time ago.We hope Sandara Park’s and 2NE1’s fans will still support her no matter what.Sandara Park is the member of 2NE1 and YG Family.

YG Family sticks together. Imagine we are at her place. All she needs now are our supports.

“Sandara unnie…FIGHTING!!!”

I promise everyone of 2NE1 fans and of course to all Sandara’s fans that such post will not be posted here on this site. We are only here to show our appreciation and support for the girls and also help them rise above the rest to become the successful artistes they are destined to be.

A huge shout out to MoMo for the heads up.




~ by ygnxgeneration on April 9, 2009.

8 Responses to “Sandara Park Draws Attention~”

  1. fighting!!!

  2. hi i’m from the philippines. sandara used to be a celebrity here. she joined a live celebrity search, called star circle quest and she was chosen to be in the top 10. she’ really great and charming. she has warmed televiwers through her sweetness and kindheart… SO LET”S SUPPORT SANDARA ALL THE WAY!!! I”M REALLY HAPPY FOR HER! LEARNING THAT SHE’S NOW GOING TO BE PART OF THE KPOP WORLD I FEEL VERY PROUD CUZ I CAN SAY THAT THAT’S SANDARA PARK WHO HAS FIRST BEEN A CELEBRITY IN THE PHILIPPINES! I ADORE HER DETERMINATION AND COURAGE!!!

  3. go dara.!! i’m for sandara park.!! go 2NE1.!!

  4. dara fighting!

  5. For those who think UNO is a pornographic magazine then you are an absolutely IDIOT!

    Can’t distinguish a decent magazine from an indecent one.

    We in the Philippines love Sandara, and never in our mind that she became cheap in posing for a great, big, and “decent” magazine like UNO.

    Go Sandy! God bless… Have patience with the ignorants! 🙂

  6. UNO Magazine

    this mag does not feature anybody..other than the sexiness..people who has the charm, charisma, and other characteristics which shows the women who excel in their field..

  7. im from the phillippines,
    im a very fan of dara, shes so pretty and well develope now where very surprise of her chenges now, shes awsome, im very proud of her, cuz be4 shes so shy and when you look at her you will notice that shes laizy. but now she rocks and bring fire in the stage, maybe joseph now is her fan now, cuz sandara bloom too much. hope 2ne1 could come her in our cuntry. we will wait for your concert. this is princess jhea.

  8. Sandara’s photos in UNO magazine, the only photos she ever had of such kind, had not tarnished or diminished her good reputation. Besides, UNO is a well-respected men’s magazine in the Philippines. Other young actresses with decent image also posed for UNO. Moreover, the managing editor of the magazine had pursued Sandara for several months before she finally agreed. The magazine usually features actresses, who are hard to get and are known for their wholesomeness in order to elicit the elements of surprise and curiosity among its readers. Sandara had maintained a clean, innocent, and wholesome image during her entire stay in the Philippines.

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