Sandara Park had a boyfriend


SANDARA had a boyfriend in the Philippines

     For those who don’t know Sandara Park is one of the contestants in Star Circle Quest in the Philippines. It is a variety show where they’re trained to be good actors and actresses. She won the first place after Hero Angeles who later became her love team. They made so many shows together and they even had a movie. Despite of having an on-screen love team, she is having a relationship with co-contestant, Joseph Bitangcol.
     She was having a good relationship with him until he came to Korea. Everything started to get blurred about them and when she came back, they officially broke up. She flew again to Korea and pursued her career there just recently(before auditioning for YG). That time, Joseph was interviewed and he said that he is missing Sandara so much and the good memories with her will always be treasured. So far, she and him are good friends. They keep in-touch with each other through mails and texts.

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20 Responses to “Sandara Park had a boyfriend”

  1. he’s kute n dey match!

  2. hi 2ne1 specially to sandara park…
    im filipina and i know sandara park since star circle quest and i just want to say im one of your fans and i really love your songs.. and i dont care if i dnt understand dos songs but i like it… and i just want to let dara knows dat im so loyal fans of her and i really love korean artist im always watching a korean shows…
    but then when i heard about 2ne1(youre group of course) and im so happy that im gonna see sandara park again in TV… i really want to go there hopefully…..i wish that one day i could see you guys in personal.. and i hope that youre gonna have a concert in philippines.. i will barely watch youre concert…
    just keep it up… more shows, songs,concert, comes…. god bless you guys
    AND I LOVE 2NE1…:)

  3. i love 2ne1
    wish they could come here in the Philippines!!!!!!!!!!!!
    go sandara!!!!!!
    we miss u already!huhuh

  4. i love dara i hope that she will visit philippines again

  5. i love 2ne1 ever pls come in philipines………… we love the love team sandara park and lee min ho

  6. hello there 2ne1 ! oh my gosh ! i love you ALL! my friends say’s that we have a lot of common of CL ! especially our face . genki des ka? sana makita ko kayo in person and sing with you also . i really love singing your song’s …..

  7. Hi!!!!!!!!!! Sandara can you visit the Philippines again i want to see you in personal pls……. i like you to be my friend. I want to say to everyone that i love 2NE1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=)

  8. hi sandara can you visit philippines with the members of 2ne1

  9. yah..we all love her..i wish i can go to korea..and see all famous koreans

  10. i like you dara but lee min hoo is my ex boyfreind sorry

  11. Hi Sandara I really want to meet u im in Cambodia, can u come to play a conceet with ur member one day? !! I LOVE YOU!!

  12. i love you dara and 2ne1 pls visist the phillipines

  13. i love you sandara park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. i love you sandy, we miz u na..plz visit ka nman sa ASap xv.. GUS2 Ka nmeng makita mag perform w/ ur groupmets..plz..

  15. i love 2ne1 very much specially you dara ,,,,.<3 wanna see u in person..,,, ur so pretty…. ..:) wish you could have a concert here in the philippines..

  16. ,hai… Dara, can u visit again in philippines, u’r my idol…

  17. hi… dara can u concert in here please…..

  18. Joseph Bitangcol is a loser! Good decision for Dara to break up with that guy.

  19. pls. perform in asap rock with your members 2ne1 thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. I already met sandara .here in KALIBO AKLAN

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