The Girls Debuts in April


I’m back n news of the girls are made n confirmed. They will debut sometime in April this year. According to YG Entertainment, the members and the songs are all confirmed and recording has already begun since 19th January where G-Dragon (Big Bang’s leader) is in charge or production. However, the group’s name still has not been decided yet.


The group will consists of 5 members which will include Park Bom, CL, MinJi, Sandara Park and also a fifth member that is still has not been revealed by YG Entertainment. At the moment, the group were called SISTA but YG stated that the name was not an official name but merely a name created by the fans. YG also said that so far they have not come up with a good name for the group but once the name is confirmed, the girls will be ready for debut which will be sometime in April 2009.

This year will be a year for the girls where we will witnessed probably a really healthy rival battle between girl groups. So far, KPOP already have Wonder Girls, SNSD, KARA, Brown Eyed Girls and Jewelry and recently new girl groups is starting to surface like acts of After School, Brand New Day and there’s also rumors about a possible 3 member girl group consisting of former Wonder Girls member, HyunA by JYP Entertainment brother company, Cube Entertainment, and SM Ent. is said to debut another girl group under their belt. Last year we witnessed boybands battle so I guess 2009 is all about girl power~~~

I pray for their great debut and hope they won’t appear like most of the girl group currently in the market. It’s getting kinda cheesy, personally. Also I hope there won’t b any bitter rivalsry between the fans as well. We heard of those scary and unfortunate battle between certain idol groups’ fans so I hope, us as the girls fans remains good relationship with any other groups’ fans.

Credits of news and picture to Coolsmurf@Wordpress


~ by ygnxgeneration on January 24, 2009.

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