The Group is Finalized!!!


Yup, DaBomb is dropping another good news 4 all ya’ll big, loving n wonderful fans of the YG’s Next Girl Group. Apparently, words haf bn spread n confirmed dat d group we haf bn anticipating so much is now finalized…all is left 2 do now is 2 wait for their great debut. YESSSSSSSS!!!!

So, YG Entertainment has finally released a statement indicating that they haf come to a decision for the Female Big Bang in which there will b 5 members in d group and Sandara Park, whom haf bn questioned 4 her abilities 2 b part of d group, is one of d confirmed members as well as Park Bom, CL and MinJi. The 5th member still remains a mystery, so I guess she must b a real great talent dat will blow us off since she’s making it into d group. Well,  I sure hope she’ll b great cos YG wont make her 2 b part of d team if she wasnt.

According to YG Entertainment, they haf decided on d members and also they’re planning for the full-scale album which will b produced by G-Dragon,Big Bang’s Leader, to b released in d 1st half period of the year…wow, 4 confirmed totally talented members, a mystery member that is for sure hella talented n a full-scale album all in one year~YG aint playing games. He’s v serious abt dis group n I’m sure they’ll b great.

Personally, I am glad that the group is now finalized and I cant wait for their debut. I haf a gut feeling d 5th member is gonna b dis one totally wicked vocalist cos altho Park Bom is an excellent vocalist, they’re in short of a powerful one.

This year so far we haf seen so many girl groups debuting n words r running ard saying there’ll b more however, none of  d groups haf made a great impression, maybe After School haf made a good one, but we still ahfn seen any group dat can b compatible rivals wif Wonder Girls, so I hope YG’s new girl group will make an impact that just unforgettable…just like their brother band, Big Bang~


Source from Newsen and Credits to seoulfull@wordpress

~ by ygnxgeneration on January 22, 2009.

One Response to “The Group is Finalized!!!”

  1. daanngg.
    if only maydoni was still in yg.. :[

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