Introducing “Female Big Bang” Fansite


Hi and welcome to all the viewers!!!

We are now opened for “FEMALE BIG BANG” FANSITE.

Well you all know that YG Entertainment is going to debut a female group…which composed Park Bom Lee,CL(Chae Rim)  ,Gong Min Ji and recently news stated that  Sandara Park too will be joining the trio…they don’t have their group name yet…so for now they are more famously known as “FEMALE BIG BANG”…

This site is a Fansite for them…and for now the site will be titled YG’s Trainee Fansite because they are still in training…lolx….

We will be updating news about them and introduce them to you…

Hope you will support our site to make “Female Big Bang” to be known globally like B.I.G.B.A.N.G…BIG BANG IS VIPz!!!!

p/s: All the admins are also very BIG fan of  BIG BANG


~ by ygnxgeneration on December 29, 2008.

3 Responses to “Introducing “Female Big Bang” Fansite”

  1. hellow

  2. I think that is a great idea and this is coming from america

  3. i think 2ne1 is great!

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