YG Has Released Teaser Posters and a Date for CL’s First Single!

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YG has released these two teaser e-posters within the past few days, the CL single was released Tuesday and then the 4 year anniversary has been released just today. To me this screams, COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really hope I’m right! We’ve been waiting too long for this.  There is no news released with these posters, just the posters themselves.

G-Dragon – MichiGO

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G-Dragon-MichiGO-Feature (1)
As a lot of us know, GD is currently working on his own tour and his own album. The first song from the new album has been circulating in leaked YouTube tracks for a few weeks now, but the video was released a week ago, and I am totally obsessed with it. The song is catchy and edgy, and the video grew on me as well. I love GD personally and I cannot wait until the rest of his new tracks are dropped.
Still no word from 2ne1! If you also haven’t heard PSY’s new song, Gentleman, check it out. I don’t like it as much as MichiGO, it’s still kind of catchy but sort of dirty at the same time. I liked PSY’s music long before he got world famous from Gangnam Style, and I prefer that older music. But, check it out nonetheless. MichiGO (as of the time of this post) isn’t on iTunes for the US yet, but I am checking multiple times a day! Let me know what you guys think!



Will.I.Am ft 2ne1 – Gettin’ Dumb

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Another one of the Will.I.Am ft 2ne1 songs has been released, I know I’ve been waiting for this albu for a while, but personally I don’t know how thrilled I am with the two tracks that have surfaced so far. I’m not the biggest fan of Will.I.Am, but what do you guys think about it?



Remixes of Our Favorite Songs

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Hey Blackjacks~ I’m going to be trying to bring you some entertainment while we’re waiting for more 2NE1 action. On my last post I had a user comment with a remix that they made for I Love You. I took some time to find some decent remixes of our favorite songs, I hope you like them!


This was the user comment that I enjoyed 🙂

This is a longer one, but it’s a huge mash up!

Not really a remix, but I LOVE AILEE.

We’re still here!

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Blackjacks, like I said in my last post, I know that we are all tired of waiting for the new album to drop, and we have been waiting ever so patiently for a while now. I wanted to let our followers know that I am still looking out for new 2ne1 news every day, I check on other websites literally everyday, multiple times a day. The only problem is, due to the lack of news happening, a lot of these other sites are just basically reporting tweets and little side things going on, a few photoshoots here and there, I may repost one of them at a later time because it was amazing, but I personally would like to report to you good news of our girls, and not news that is just there to be filler news.
You all can trust that once the girls begin their comeback that YGNXGENERATION will bring you as much information and live performances as we can.

Thank you everyone for being so patient!



Blackjacks, we finally have word on the new album!!

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I know you all feel the same way I do… “WHERE is the 2NE1 album that was supposed to drop in October?!” Well, I finally have answers.
In a recent interview that billboardbiz had with CL, she explains why the album did not come out when it was supposed to, and a rough estimate for the new one!! And even some inside description of a track on the album. Here’s an excerpt below:

Things seem to be in a good place for CL to come to New York, enjoy Fashion Week and sit down for a chat by the fireplace of the sophisticated Gramercy Park Hotel lobby. “Last year, we were actually planning to have an album out and we had recorded some songs. But it didn’t happen because of our tour,” CL says.  “We had to go on a tour and we had a deadline for if we wanted an album. But it’s just…we couldn’t make it.”

But CL tells Billboard that a 2013 comeback is now set for April. While a lead single or concept is still to be chosen, CL ensures that the music is classic 2NE1. “I feel like ‘I Am The Best’ or ‘Can’t Nobody’ are very much 2NE1’s style, if that’s how you want to put it. ‘I Love You,’ was something different for our fans and for 2NE1,” she says. “But moving forward, we’re sticking to the original and we’re going to go back to the fun, crazy, different 2NE1.”

While the final tracklisting is still to be decided, CL does speak excitedly about one track in particular that appears to be in the same vein as “I Love You.” CL reveals, “It’s a slow, love song. It’s about missing somebody. I was really connected to that song because I was missing my fans and the stage. I love that song. I know people will love it.”

The article title explains that CL is also looking ahead to a solo career, but the article doesn’t explain anything about it. Misleading! But if you’d like to read the entire article, Go here!

Throwback 2012 : Minzy

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Before we get to our End of Year recap for 2NE1 as a whole, we couldn’t let you forget the maknae (youngest), Minzy. Literally growing up before our eyes, Minzy showed just how much she’s grow-up both vocally & stylistically in the past year. And with her becoming an official adult in 2013, we can only wait to see what she has to offer in the coming year.

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Throwback 2012 : CL

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Continuing our EOY: 2NE1 in 2012 retrospective series is the “Baddest Female,” CL. This year, 2NE1’s leader highlighted her more feminine side, while showcasing her strong ties to the fashion world. And on top of that, CL proved that yes, she can rock a parrot on stage.

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2013 : Happy Birthday Minzy!

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minzy(Image credit : 2NE1’s Official Facebook Page)

Happy Birthday Maknae!
Finally, she’s 19! (In Korea, 20)
Hoping for the best for her in years to come and have a blast, our MINZY!


Throwback 2012 : Dara

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Nicknamed “Fake Maknae” for her youthful looks, Sandara Park is up next in our End of Year (EOY): 2NE1 in 2012 retrospective series. Throughout last year, Dara showed us her sexy and sweet sides, while managing to remain her warmed-heart 4-D self. We also saw Dara become really comfortable in her own skin, both onstage and off. Despite the fact that 2NE1 only released one Japanese album in 2012, their “New Evolution” concert tour and Dara’s extensive CF promotions were keys for her to become more aware of her unique strengths.

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